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Event Card
Cloud of Seagulls.png
A randomly chosen unit will receive 2 damage.
1 ☆
0 ★
3 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 0
Common Card
"Squaawk!" —Seagull

Cloud of Seagulls is a 1-star event card that deals 2 damage to a random unit. Possible targets include the user, allies, and opponents.

Strategic Info[]

Cloud of Seagulls is a riskier alternative to  Long-Distance Shot for players that want to damage their opponents outside of combat. In exchange for increased damage and a reduced star cost, the player loses the ability to choose who the damage is dealt to.

Players who enjoy a little chaos or aren't picky about taking damage will find success with this card. Due to the random nature of it, Cloud of Seagulls has more potential to benefit the user rather than harm them no matter who plays it. Players can even use it as a last resort to KO themselves safely while low on HP, similar to how Yuki uses  Gamble!. High EVD characters may want to run this card for the damage. In Aru's case, she can bring it as an easy-to-play card that makes way for a more impactful  Present for You. Characters like her and Suguri mostly rely on their EVD to keep themselves alive anyways, so being hit doesn't bother them as much as some characters due to their dodge-or-die playstyle. Kiriko also likes to have this card available, as it helps her bring opponents and even herself into KO range for  Final Surgery. Iru can use it to soften up opponents to KO with her passive or  Extended Photon Rifle and often runs this card in tandem with  Long-Distance Shot for the extra poke damage. The Cuties can run this as one of their event cards due to its low level and star cost if they are willing to take a hit every once in a while.

Despite all this, many players may find this card too risky and not worth putting in their deck, preferring safer, more consistent cards. Characters with low base health, such as Nanako and Peat will lose a massive portion of their health if they get hit by this card, so they are discouraged from adding it to the deck. Characters with high REC like Tequila or Sweet Breaker do not want to risk taking that extra damage either, as a suffering a KO means losing a large amount of time to the revive rolls.

Extra Notes[]

  • KOs from Cloud of Seagulls do not award wins or stars.
  • Cloud of Seagulls can't hit players that are KO'd.
  • Cloud of Seagulls can hit players under the influence of  Stealth On, as it is not a boost card.