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Clover CO is a playable Co-op field in 100% Orange Juice. The field layout is similar to the normal Clover field, but with adjustments for Co-op mode. The board can be played on Normal difficulty (with any boss) or Extreme difficulty (with Big the Jonathan).

Board Overview

Clover CO.png
Unlock Info
A-Clover CO.png
Panel Type # of Panels
PHome.png Home 4
PBoss Home.png Boss Home 1
PBonus.png Bonus 7
PDraw.png Draw 5
PDraw (x2).png Draw (x2) 1
PDrop (x2).png Drop (x2) 4
PEncounter.png Encounter 8
PMove.png Move 4
PWarp.png Warp 4
PDamage.png Damage 2
Field Events


Character Synergy

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