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Co-op roles are a crucial part of 100% Orange Juice!'s Co-op Mode. Given that Co-op Mode centers around defeating raid boss-esque bosses, roles serve an important purpose by granting unique abilities that the players can use to both support each other and inflict greater damage to the boss.

As a result, selecting which character and role combinations to use against each boss can make a huge difference in the match's outcome. Generally, the better the team's role synergy, the better the team will perform against the boss.

Role Selection[]


When the player is taken to the deck builder screen before a match, their character will be featured with a symbol on their left. This symbol indicates the current role the player is set as. Likewise, if the player is playing with others online, they will be able to see what roles the other players are using as well as their level in that role above their deck. To change their role, the player can press the symbol next to their character which will pull up the role selector menu. From top to bottom, this menu displays: buttons to change roles, the player's current role, the option to swap their hyper with a role hyper, bullet points of the role's abilities that display more detail when hovered over, the player's current role level, the player's current XP in the role, and what abilities have been unlocked at the bottom. Some of these options are locked until the player levels up their role. Below is an example of the difference in options available between a low-level role and a high-level role selector menu.


At the top of the role selector menu, the player can press a different symbol to change roles. Each symbol is marked with that character's role rank in each role, which varies from character to character (For a reference of all the ranks see the co-op character ranks chart). A character's role rank will range from A-E, and indicates how well the character is expected to do in a specific role based on their stats, passives, and Hyper. For instance, a character like Peat is a Rank B Dealer, as the Dealer role increases the player's hand size which works well with Peat's Hyper,  Blue Crow the Second. In contrast, Peat is a Rank E Avenger, as the Avenger role works better on high HP characters.

Role Characteristics[]

Each role in Co-op Mode features unique characteristics that provide the player with effects and stat modifications. Generally, roles focused on damage such as the Attacker and Avenger role focus more on modifications that are primarily to aid the player in defeating the boss, as it gets stronger the longer the game progresses. Roles such as Guardian, Support, and Dealer are generally more focused on supporting the attacking players and provide abilities that enable the player to aid their fellow players in a multitude of ways.

The Attacker, Guardian, and Support roles are unlocked by default. The Avenger and Dealer roles must be unlocked either by reaching Level 10 in other roles, or from certain events. Finishing a game as any role will grant XP towards its role level.

Role Base Characteristics Stat Changes Unlockable Characteristics
Summer2018 role0.png
  • Advantage - Always go first in battle when fighting a Boss.
  • Recovery Down - Norma 1: REC +1.
  • Attack Boost - Norma 2: ATK +1. Norma 4: ATK +2.
Summer2018 role1.png
Summer2018 role2.png
  • Heal - Can heal an ally 1 HP when entering their panel.
  • Revive - Can revive an ally by paying 3 stars x remaining REC when entering their panel.
Summer2018 role3.png
  • Health Boost - Norma 2: Max HP +1. Norma 4: Max HP +2
  • Recovery - Norma 3: REC -1
Summer2018 role4.png
  • Deal ability
  • Supply - Draw an additional card every time you draw cards.


  • The Avenger role is unlocked upon reaching Level 10 in the Attacker role, and was also unlockable as a global counter reward in the Beach Party event and its rerun.
  • The Dealer role is unlocked upon reaching Level 10 in the Support role, and was also unlockable as a global counter reward in the Summer Games event.
  • Unlocking a co-op role will also unlock its corresponding original role Hyper as they were shown in the first Beach Party event. These will appear in the Normal Mode section of the card binder and serve no purpose other than as collectibles (similar to seasonal event cards).

Role Abilities[]

Every role has a number of unique abilities that they can utilize by activating them to trigger their effect, similar to using cards. Abilities are accessible as an extra button, which (depending on the ability) appears either alongside the "Move" and "Card" buttons that appear at the start of the player's turn, or in battle as an extra option alongside "Fight" and "Card". Abilities are a major part of a role's kit, due to their general ease of use and availability. Most abilities have a cooldown between each use before they can be used again, and each ability has a different cooldown rate. Cooldown duration for each ability are listed on each player's stock info plate.

Most roles unlock a new ability upon reaching level 5 with that role, but many abilities are available by default.

Role Ability Unlocked Cooldown/Requirement Description
Summer2018 role0.png
Role0 ability.png
Level 5 6 Chapters
Activated in battle.
Deal +1 damage for each attack.
Summer2018 role1.png
Role1 ability.png
Default 1 Chapter
Must have at least one active ally.
Protect target from up to 2 incoming damage.
Summer2018 role1.png
Role1 ability3.png
Iron Defense
Default 3 Chapters
Activated in battle.
Take minimum 0 damage when defending during this battle.
Summer2018 role1.png
Role1 ability2.png
Guardian Spirit
Level 5 8 Chapters Inflicts Guardian Spirit on all allies.
Effect Duration: 2 Chapters: Take 1 less damage in battle.
Summer2018 role2.png
Role2 ability.png
Restoring Light
Level 5 8 Chapters
Must have at least one KO'd ally.
Revive one KO'd ally with 50% HP.
Summer2018 role3.png
Role3 ability.png
From Beyond
Default 8 Chapters Effect Duration: 2 Chapters
If KO'd during battle, return to up to 3 HP.
Summer2018 role4.png
Role4 ability2.png
Default Must be holding 3 or more cards. If holding 3 or more cards, send a card in hand of your choice to target player.
Summer2018 role4.png
Role4 ability.png
Level 5 6 Chapters Treat the next panel you step onto as a Draw panel.


  • The +1 damage granted by  Fury is applied after damage calculation.
  • Shields generated by  Protect have the same color as the Guardian's player color, and will wear off after blocking one instance of damage, or until the Guardian grants a shield to a different ally.
  • The 50% HP healed by  Restoring Light is rounded up for odd numbers.
  •  From Beyond will not restore HP past the player's max HP if it is below 3.

Role Hypers[]

Once a player reaches Level 10 in a role, they will unlock that role's unique Hyper card. This grants the player the option to change their character's Hyper during role selection, using the role Hyper in place of the character's original Hyper card. Generally, each role's Hyper card functions as a more powerful version of one of that role's abilities.
Ultimate Weapon in the Sun.pngUltimate Weapon in the Sun.png
Summer2018 role0.png Attacker
Lifeguard on the White Beach.pngLifeguard on the White Beach.png
Summer2018 role1.png Guardian
Guardian of Blooming Flowers.pngGuardian of Blooming Flowers.png
Summer2018 role2.png Support
Unforgiving Avenger.pngUnforgiving Avenger.png
Summer2018 role3.png Avenger
Summer Games.pngSummer Games.png
Summer2018 role4.png Dealer

Role Level and Co-op XP[]

As the player uses a co-op role, that role can be leveled up, increasing its role level. By finishing co-op games, the player will earn XP towards the role they were playing as. With enough XP, the role's level will increase. This leveling system is separate to the online level XP system, and functions in tandem with it during online co-op games.

A role's level and current XP can be viewed during role selection. In addition, all of a player's role levels can be seen in online lobbies when the lobby is set to Co-op, by hovering over the symbol in the lower left corner of the player plate. Each player's role level for their current role is also seen next to their avatar in-game.

Various bonus effects for a co-op role can be unlocked by leveling up that role, including extra deck points, role abilities, and the role Hypers. In addition, various collectibles can be unlocked, including new co-op roles, as well as co-op role themed cosmetics and achievements. Lastly, the player will earn 50 Oranges Icon.pngOranges every time a level up is achieved, regardless of the role's current level.

Role Level 2 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 8 Level 10 Level 25 Level 30
Summer2018 role0.png
Deck point +1 Deck point +1  Fury ability Deck point +1 Deck point +1
Max Attacker Dice.pngMax Attacker Dice Attacker Plate Border
Summer2018 role1.png
Deck point +1 Deck point +1  Guardian Spirit ability Deck point +1 Deck point +1
Max Guardian Dice.pngMax Guardian Dice Guardian Plate Border
Summer2018 role2.png
Deck point +1 Deck point +1  Restoring Light ability Deck point +1 Deck point +1
Max Support Dice.pngMax Support Dice Support Plate Border
Summer2018 role3.png
Deck point +1 Deck point +1 - Deck point +1 Deck point +1
Max Avenger Dice.pngMax Avenger Dice Avenger Plate Border
Summer2018 role4.png
Deck point +1 Deck point +1  Demand ability Deck point +1 Deck point +1
Max Dealer Dice.pngMax Dealer Dice Dealer Plate Border

The amount of XP earned at the end of a co-op game is dependent on a number of factors, including the result of the match, the selected difficulty, and the current active mixers. It should also be noted that in singleplayer, the player will receive a penalty to XP if control + shift is used during the match.

Starting at a base requirement of 100, the amount of XP required to advance to the next level increases by 30 for every level up. This means that the amount of XP needed to get to the next level can be determined using the formula 30 * [Current Level] + 70.

Below is an example table showing the XP amounts needed to reach the first 30 co-op role levels. It should be noted that, much like online XP, there is no cap to role XP, allowing each role to be leveled up indefinitely.

Level XP Needed Total XP Needed Level XP Needed Total XP Needed
1 0 0 16 520 4650
2 100 100 17 550 5200
3 130 230 18 580 5780
4 160 390 19 610 6390
5 190 580 20 640 7030
6 220 800 21 670 7700
7 250 1050 22 700 8400
8 280 1330 23 730 9130
9 310 1640 24 760 9890
10 340 1980 25 790 10680
11 370 2350 26 820 11500
12 400 2750 27 850 12350
13 430 3180 28 880 13230
14 460 3640 29 910 14140
15 490 4130 30 940 15080