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Roles are a crucial part of 100% Orange Juice!'s co-op mode. Given that co-op mode centers around defeating raid boss-esque bosses, they require specialized strategies to defeat. Roles provide the means for creating a strategy by providing unique abilities/loadouts that the players can use to support each other and deal potentially much greater damage to the boss.

As a result, picking the right character with the right role for the right boss can make a huge difference in the match's outcome. Generally, the better the team synergy, the better the team will perform against the boss.

Role Selection[]


When the player is taken to the deck builder screen before a match, their character will be featured with a symbol on their left. This symbol indicates the current role the player is set as. Likewise, if the player is playing with others online, they will be able to see what roles the other players are using as well as their level in that role above their deck. To change their role, the player can press the symbol next to their character which will pull up the role selector menu. From top to bottom, this menu displays: buttons to change roles, the player's current role, the option to swap their hyper with a role hyper, bullet points of the role's abilities that display more detail when hovered over, the player's current role level, the player's current experience points in the role, and what abilities have been unlocked at the bottom. Some of these options are locked until the player levels up their role. Below is an example of the difference in options available between a low-level role and a high-level role selector menu.


At the top of the role selector menu, the player can press a different symbol to change roles. Each symbol is marked with that character's role rank in each role, which varies from character to character (For a reference of all the ranks see the co-op character ranks chart). A character's role rank will range from A-E, and indicates how well the character is expected to do in a specific role based on their stats, passives, and Hyper. For instance, a character like Peat is a Rank B Dealer, as the Dealer role increases the player's hand size which works well with Peat's Hyper,  Blue Crow the Second. In contrast, Peat is a Rank E Avenger, as the Avenger role works better on high HP characters.

Role Characteristics[]

Each role in co-op mode features unique characteristics that provide the player with effects and stat modifications. Generally, roles focused on damage such as the Attacker and Avenger role focus more on modifications that are primarily to aid the player in defeating the boss, as it gets stronger the longer the game progresses. Roles such as Guardian, Support, and Dealer are generally more focused on supporting the attacking players and provide abilities that enable the player to aid their fellow players in a multitude of ways.

The Attacker, Guardian, and Support roles are unlocked by default. The Avenger and Dealer roles must be unlocked either by reaching Level 10 in other roles, or from certain events. Finishing a game as any role will grant experience towards its role level.

Type Base Abilities Norma Buffs
Summer2018 role0.png
  • Always move first during a battle with a boss.
  • Permanent +1 REC.
  • Norma 2: Permanent +1 ATK.
  • Norma 4: Additional permanent +1 ATK.
Summer2018 role1.png
  • Can spend 1 HP to give an ally a shield that absorbs up to 2 points of damage, similar to Robo Ball's  Reflective Shell hyper. The shield is the same color as the Guardian's player color and lasts until the affected ally takes a hit in combat, finishes a battle, or gets damaged or KO'd outside of battle. Each guardian can only distribute one shield at a time- trying to distribute a second shield will simply move the existing shield to the new target.
  • Norma 2: Permanent +1 DEF.
  • Norma 4: Additional permanent +1 DEF.
Summer2018 role2.png
  • Can heal players for 1 HP at no cost if they land on their square or if they pass by them.
  • Can spend stars to revive players if they land on their square or if they pass by them. Star cost will depend on the revive roll of the fallen ally. The formula is (recover roll requirement x 3 stars).
  • Norma 2: Permanent +1 to move rolls.
  • Norma 3: Permanent +1 EVD
  • Norma 4: Additional permanent +1 to move rolls.
Summer2018 role3.png
  • (Unlocked at Attacker level 10)
  • Receive +1 ATK per HP lost in combat.
  • Norma 2: Permanent +1 max HP
  • Norma 3: Permanent -1 REC.
  • Norma 4: Additional permanent +1 max HP
Summer2018 role4.png
  • (Unlocked at Support level 10)
  • Can press the "Deal" button to pass a random card if holding 2 or more cards.
  • Draws one extra card whenever drawing a card.
  • Norma 2: Permanent +1 hand size (Max 5).
  • Norma 3: Permanent +1 HP.
  • Norma 4: Additional permanent +1 hand size (Max 5).

Role Level[]

Role level, not to be confused with role rank, is a numerical value indicating how much experience the player has earned in a specific role. Each time the player finishes a co-op game, they will receive experience toward the role they were playing as. The higher the boss's difficulty, the more experience the player receives. It should be noted that in singleplayer, the player will receive a penalty if they use control + shift during the match. Leveling up a role will unlock certain bonus effects for that role.

Deck Points

When any role is leveled up to 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 the player will receive an additional +1 deck point for that role. For more details on points see the deck points page.

Role Hypers

Once a player reaches level 5 in a role, they will receive access to a special role-specific Hyper card that they can choose to use in place of a character's original Hyper card, by pressing the switch logo on the role selector menu. While Hypers are specific to a role, the players can still obtain a different role's Hyper using cards such as  Gift Exchange or  Miracle Walker.
Ultimate Weapon in the Sun.pngUltimate Weapon in the Sun.png
Summer2018 role0.png Attacker
Lifeguard on the White Beach.pngLifeguard on the White Beach.png
Summer2018 role1.png Guardian
Guardian of Blooming Flowers.pngGuardian of Blooming Flowers.png
Summer2018 role2.png Support
Unforgiving Avenger.pngUnforgiving Avenger.png
Summer2018 role3.png Avenger
Summer Games.pngSummer Games.png
Summer2018 role4.png Dealer

Special Abilities

Each role also features a special ability that is unlocked once the player reaches level 10 with that role. This ability is accessible as an extra button alongside the "Move" and "Cards" buttons that appear at the start of the player's turn. These abilities have similar effects to that role's Hyper card, but have the advantage of being free to use and readily available. The abilities have a cooldown between each use, and each ability has a different cooldown rate. Cooldown duration can be seen by hovering on a player's avatar in-game. Below is a table of these special abilities:

Ability Cooldown Effect
Role0 ability.png
6 Chapters, activated in-battle. Effect Duration: 1 Battle. Deal +1 damage for each in-battle attack (after calculation).
Role1 ability.png
Guardian Spirit
8 Chapters All allies gain Stock Effect (1): In the next battle, take 1 less damage.
Effect Duration: 2 Chapters.
Role2 ability.png
Restoring Light
8 Chapters Revive one KO'd ally with half HP (Rounded up for odd numbers)
Role3 ability.png
From Beyond
8 Chapters Effect Duration: 2 Chapters. If KO'd during batttle, return to up to 3 HP (unless max HP is below 3).
Role4 ability.png
6 Chapters Treat the next panel you step onto as a Draw panel.