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Boost Card
Completion Reward.png
Gain 7 stars for every trap you have set and someone has stepped on.
1 ☆
0 ★
1 per Deck
Common Card
"Yay, I've got my pay!" —Chris
"Don't waste it, okay?" —Manager

Completion Reward is a 1-star boost card that gives the user 7 stars for each trap that they have set that a unit has triggered. This includes traps set by event cards like  Star Blasting Fuse.

Strategic Info[]

Completion Reward rewards players for using traps by giving them bonus stars for each of their traps that have been triggered. Placing traps in strategic locations like well traveled  Draw,  Bonus,  Encounter, or  Home panels or covering the board haphazardly with a large number of traps is the best way to increase the stars received from Completion Reward. Characters that use their hyper to place traps benefit the most from this card. This includes characters with trap hypers like Saki, and characters with event or boost hypers that place traps like Krilalaris or Yuki (Dangerous). Due to the sheer number of traps characters in the latter category can produce, these characters do not necessarily need to add any trap cards to the deck to benefit from Completion Reward. By not adding traps to the deck, these characters will benefit from Completion Reward much more than their opponents. Arthur synergizes particularly well with this strategy thanks to his  Rbit Hobby Shops not disappearing after they are triggered. Playing more trap cards increases the risk of an opponent drawing a trap from one of his shops and using it to overwrite the shop.

Characters that don't play trap cards in their deck and do not play them via their hyper do not have a reason to play Completion Reward in their deck, as it is a dead card without them. Although it synergizes with her hyper, Star Breaker is the one exception to this rule. Her inability to complete star normas makes the stars less useful than other utility cards like  Nice Present or  Assault or an offensive card like  Super All-Out Mode.