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Boost Card
Completion Reward.png
Gain 7 stars for every Trap you have set and someone has stepped on.
1 ☆
0 ★
1 per Deck
Common Card
"Yay, I've got my pay!" —Chris
"Don't waste it, okay?" —Manager

Completion Reward is a collectible Boost card that can be acquired from the Acceleration Pack.


When used, the player gains stars equal to 7x the amount of Trap cards they have set during the game that were subsequently triggered.


  • Any traps placed must be triggered to meet the criteria; unlike what the description implies, simply having a trap stepped is not enough. This means a trap won't count if it is negated (such as through  Stiff Crystal or  Crystal Barrier) or ignored (such as through  Safe Journey).
  • Traps that aren't discarded after being triggered (such as  Present Thief and  Rbit Hobby Shop) will only count for the first time they are triggered. Additional stars will not be granted if the same instance of a trap is triggered more than once.
  • A player's triggering of their own trap does count towards Completion Reward. However, since the trap must be triggered for it to count, it doesn't work with the player's own  Dance, Long-Eared Beasts!,  Invisible Bomb, and  Flying Pirate traps due to the negation effect.
  • Completion Reward is not reset upon use; it will count all Trap cards that meet the criteria over the course of the whole game, even if they were already cashed in with a previous usage of Completion Reward.


Completion Reward rewards players for using Trap cards by giving them stars for each of their traps that have been triggered. If the player wishes to maximize the stars received from Completion Reward, they can try to ensure that many traps are triggered by placing traps in strategic locations like well-traveled  Draw,  Bonus,  Encounter, or  Home panels, or covering the board haphazardly with a large number of traps.

Any character whose game plan involves placing a lot of traps will benefit the most from this card. This most notably includes characters with Trap Hypers (such as Chicken and Saki), and characters with Hypers that place or grant multiple traps at once (such as Krilalaris, Yuki (Dangerous), Tequila, and Arthur) In fact, some characters with trap-related Hypers may even benefit from not adding any Trap cards to the deck, to ensure that they may benefit from the Completion Reward much more than their opponents. This is especially true for Arthur, due to the increased risk of an opponent drawing a Trap card from one of his shops, and using it to overwrite the shop.

Characters that aren't decking Trap cards and do not have a trap-related Hyper (or characters who synergize with the card in other ways such as Chris) do not have much of a reason to add Completion Reward to their deck, as it will only become useful if the opponent decked any Trap cards, making it likely to become a dead card for them. In addition, Star Breaker does not benefit much from it despite possessing a trap-placing Hyper, due to her inability to complete star normas.