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Guidance of the Weathercock
Stock Effect.
Roll 2 dice for everything except for battle. This effect ends when you stop on your own Home panel. Can only check Norma on own Home panel.
Hyper Info
30 ★
"*Cheep cheep*! Cook wants to go this way." ―Cook


Cook's Hyper is Guidance of the Weathercock. When used, the player will roll double dice for all movement rolls, PBonus.png  Bonus rolls, PDrop.png  Drop rolls, and recovery rolls. In addition, the player can only Norma on their own PHome.png  Home panel. This effect lasts until the player lands on their own Home panel.


  • The effect only ends when landing on the player's own Home panel. The effect won't end when landing on the Home panels of other players, even in Co-op Mode or Bounty Hunt Mode.
  • This effect prevents Norma from all sources except the player's own Home panel. This includes other player's Home panels (even in Co-op Mode or Bounty Hunt Mode) as well as Backdoor Tradeicon.png  Backdoor Trade.


This bears some resemblance to Suguri's Hyper, Acceleratoricon.png  Accelerator but is different in a few key respects:

  • Battle rolls are not doubled
  • The effect lasts indefinitely until you land on your own Home panel
  • You can only Norma on your Home panel
  • Recovery rolls doubled
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