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Costumes (not to be confused with accessories such as the Halloween Costume '17 Icon.pngHalloween Costume '17) are unique cosmetic items for the player's character. With this option, the player can completely change the in-game model of the character they are using.

While similar to accessories, costumes are not a cosmetic item in the traditional sense. Costumes are a new character model that the player can select on the bottom left of the cosmetic customization screen. The player can then apply colors and accessories as desired to the new version of the character. All poses, colors, hair colors, and accessories that the player has previously unlocked will carry over to the new version if they are available. However, most costumes have a very limited range of accessories and colors available, with an "X" appearing over most of the other cosmetics. Costumes are by far the rarest cosmetic, with only a few specific characters possessing them.

Costumes cannot be purchased in the shop or unlocked with either crates or mystery bags. They can only be unlocked either through a DLC or special event.

List of Costumes

  • Non Seasonal: The costume is available to unlock at any time of year.
  • Seasonal: The costume is only available to unlock during certain seasonal events.
Dice Status Character
SuguriWinterSelect.pngSuguri Winter Costume Non Seasonal Suguri
HimeWinterSelect.pngHime Winter Costume Non Seasonal Hime
SuguriSwimsuitSelect.pngSuguri Summer Costume Non Seasonal Suguri
HimeSwimsuitSelect.pngHime Summer Costume Non Seasonal Hime
SoraSwimsuitSelect.pngSora Summer Costume Non Seasonal Sora
MarcPigSelect.pngMarc Pig Costume Seasonal Marc
PeatPigSelect.pngPeat Pig Costume Seasonal Peat
FernetPigSelect.pngFernet Pig Costume Seasonal Fernet
SherryPigSelect.pngSherry Pig Costume Seasonal Sherry
TequilaPigSelect.pngTequila Pig Costume Seasonal Tequila & Pirate Crew Member
QpSwimsuitSelect.pngQP Summer Costume Seasonal QP
MarcSwimsuitSelect.pngMarc Summer Costume Seasonal Marc
FernetSwimsuitSelect.pngFernet Summer Costume Seasonal Fernet
PoppoStarDevourerSelect.pngDevourer Poppo Costume Seasonal Marie Poppo
KirikoSakuraSelect.pngKiriko Miko Costume Non Seasonal Kiriko
KirikoNewYearsSelect.pngKiriko Miko (Debut) Costume Non Seasonal Kiriko
PoppoMousseSelect.pngMousse Poppo Costume Non Seasonal Marie Poppo
QpTanSwimsuitSelect.pngTan QP Summer Costume Seasonal QP
SakiSwimsuitSelect.pngSaki Summer Costume Seasonal Saki
KaeSwimsuitSelect.pngKae Summer Costume Seasonal Kae
NathSwimsuitSelect.pngNath Summer Costume Seasonal Nath
IslayPigSelect.pngIslay Pig Costume Seasonal Islay
MarcPilotPigSelect.pngMarc (Pilot) Pig Costume Seasonal Marc (Pilot)
LoneRiderPigSelect.pngLone Rider Pig Costume Seasonal Lone Rider
MerchantPigSelect.pngMerchant Pig Costume Seasonal Merchant
TomomoSwimsuitSelect.pngTomomo Summer Costume Seasonal Tomomo
YukiSwimsuitSelect.pngYuki Summer Costume Seasonal Yuki
KaiSwimsuitSelect.pngKai Summer Costume Seasonal Kai