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Currencies are forms of tender which the player can accumulate and use to make purchases in the Shop. There are 3 types of main currency, and multiple seasonal currencies that can only be earned during specific holidays. Some events also feature unique currency-like items that can be used or collected during a game to attain event goals.

There are a number of currencies which feature Steam Inventory integration, and are added to and taken from the Steam Inventory when earned and spent. Therefore, an online connection to Steam must be maintained in order to use these currencies.

Main Currency

Currencies used to buy things in the in-game shop, usually earned at the end of a game.

Icon Name Maximum How to Obtain Steam Inv.?
Stars Icon.png Stars 99999 Received at the end of an OJ match. (Detailed Info) No
Oranges Icon.png Oranges 999 Received at the end of online games, from Daily Challenge completion, and from various other sources. (Detailed Info) No
Arcade Token.png Arcade Tokens Received as a weekly log-in bonus, and from Exchange Coupons. Usable in the Arcade. Yes

Seasonal Currency

Seasonal currencies are used to buy event cosmetics in the Shop. They are earned at the end of a game during their respective event. Some seasonal currencies will be hidden or reset to 0 when their event is concluded, while some can be used year-round.

Icon Name Maximum How to Obtain Steam Inv.?
Halloween Candy Icon.png Candy 9999 Received at the end of singleplayer or online games during Halloween events (more rewarded in online play). No
Christmas Currency.png Christmas Wreaths Received at the end of online games during December. Yes
Pig Heart.png Pig Hearts 999 Received at the end of singleplayer or online games games during the Beware Pigformation event. No

Steam Inventory

These are currencies can only be seen in the Steam Inventory. They cannot be spent on anything or viewed in-game, and only function to facilitate currency exchange within the Steam Inventory system. Both currencies are related to the Arcade.

Icon Name Maximum How to Obtain
Exchange Coupon.png Exchange Coupon 15 Received for free every week. Automatically turns into 3 Arcade Tokens any time an online game is completed.
Receipt.png Receipts 10 Received when winning a Common item from a Pet Catcher. Automatically exchanged for a random pet once 10 are accumulated.

Collectible Event Items

During certain events, collectible currency-like items may be provided or collected by the player similar to normal currency. However, rather than being spent in the Shop, these items are simply used in "collect-a-thon" type quests during their event period.

Icon Name How to Obtain
Presentbox.png Presents Collectible/givable item during the Scramble!! for an Xmas Miracle! event.
Val2018 choco01.png Chocolates Collectible item during the Chocolate for the Sweet Gods event.
4 candies.png Candies Collectible item during the Trick and Treat event.
Snow Icon.png Snow Collectible item during the Santa Scramble event.
Pig Heart.png Pig Hearts Collectible item during the Beware Pigformation event.
Hw2019pumpkin.png Pumpkins Collectible item during the Operation Halloween event.

Retired Currency

Retired currency was once in the game, but was eventually removed in an update.

Icon Name Maximum How to Obtain Steam Inv.?
Christmas Candy.png Candy Canes 9999 Seasonal, received at the end of singleplayer or online games during Christmas events. Replaced with Christmas Wreaths in Version 1.31.4. No
Exchange Token.png Exchange Tokens 6 Received for free every three days. Turns into Arcade Tokens any time an online game is completed. Represents the 3-day period during which you can earn arcade tokens. Replaced with Exchange Coupons in Version 1.31.6. Yes

Unlockable Discounts

As the player levels up from online games, the player will unlock discounts from the shop. These discounts reduce the price of all shop items that cost Stars Icon.pngStars.

  • Although the discounts are free, the player must still go to the shop and purchase the discount for it to take effect.
  • Discounts do not stack; only the highest unlocked discount will take effect.
  • The discounts don't apply to the Arcade or anything outside the shop (such as the fee to reroll Daily Challenges), nor do they apply to anything requiring a non-star currency (such as Oranges Icon.pngOranges).
Discount Level
10% 3
20% 10
30% 20