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Trap Card
Dangerous Pudding.png
Stock Effect
Your next turn will be skipped.
1 ☆
0 ★
3 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 0
Common Card
"One glance is all it took for that pudding to steal my heart."

Dangerous Pudding is a 1-star trap card that causes the victim to skip their next turn, preventing them from moving or playing cards outside of battles for the chapter.

Strategic Info[]

Dangerous Pudding is a trap that is annoying to land on regardless of the victim's stats, abilities, or hand contents. While traps like  Heat 300% can be rendered useless by certain characters (in this case, characters with high EVD) and  Bad Pudding can whiff on a player with a empty hand, Dangerous Pudding is almost always relevant. A skipped turn is a turn not spent collecting stars, wins, or cards. Therefore, it shares a niche along with  Go Away for level 1 traps that affect all characters equally at all stages of the game.

Any character that can play cards can do reasonably well with Dangerous Pudding. Passive characters in particular stand to benefit from it the most by using it to slow down other players while they gather stars. Trap users like Saki and Krilalaris can make good use of this card with their other traps to help hide  Big Bang Bell and fuel  Completion Reward respectively.

While Dangerous Pudding is useful for almost every character, many characters have other low level traps they can use in their deck that will benefit them more. For example, while Dangerous Pudding does make it easier to catch up to players, offensive characters like Star Breaker may prefer to play  Assault over this card due to the immediate combat opportunity it provides. Dangerous Pudding also does nothing to stop players from returning  Home to level up, unlike  Go Away,  Sky Restaurant 'Pures', or even  Mimyuu's Hammer.

Extra Notes[]

  • If a player affected by Dangerous Pudding is KO'd, their first revive attempt is skipped and the recovery roll does not go down.
  • QP (Dangerous) gets +1 ATK for each copy of this card in her hand.
  • Yuki (Dangerous) converts this card into  Tragedy in the Dead of Night if it ends up in her hand.