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Battle Card
Dark Side of Business.png
Gain +2 ATK, enemy gains -2 DEF. For every point of damage you would deal, steal 5 stars from your opponent instead.
2 ☆
5 ★
3 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 2
Uncommon Card
"'Extortion' - An act of monetary gain by inflicting violence upon a weaker target."

Dark Side of Business is a 2-star battle card that enables the user to steal stars. Upon activation, the player will gain an additional +2 to their attack stat and the enemy will receive -2 to their defense stat. For every point of damage the player would deal during the battle, they will instead steal 5 stars from the opponent. This card does no HP damage.

Strategic Info[]

Dark Side of Business is an unusual battle card that, unlike most other offensive battle cards, is not used to deal deal damage to an opponent's HP. Instead of damage, this card steals stars from the opponent based on the damage that would have been dealt. Because of this, the player will want either the opponent's stats to be debuffed or their own stats to be buffed as much possible to maximize the effectiveness of the card. Fortunately, the card already provides a powerful +2 buff to the player's attack and brutal -2 debuff to the opponent's defense, to almost guarantee recovering the card activation fee. Consequently, it is ideal to combo the card with other cards like  Super All-Out Mode or  Heat 300% or to pair it with a character with a high attack stat such as Yuki or Tomomo to further increase the amount of stars stolen. Generally, the card is best used against an opponent that the player is unlikely to KO, since it would be difficult for the player to affect their stars otherwise. In particular, Dark Side of Business can be very effective against tank characters like Fernet and Kyoko, enabling the player to rob the opponent of stars without having to deal with their high health and defense stat. Under the right circumstances, it may also be worthwhile to use Dark Side of Business against a boss that has KO'd another player already. If the player is unlikely to KO the boss before another player, they may as well steal some of the stars before another player collects them all. The card also be used specifically to counter Alte's  Self-Destruct, as the player will deal no HP damage, and thus be unable to cause a KO and trigger the effect.

Despite its effect appearing great on paper, Dark Side of Business suffers from a few critical weaknesses. The most obvious issue with the card is that it does not prevent the opponent from counterattacking the player. If the player is low on HP, it is likely that they will be KO'ed in the opponent's counterattack and lose their ill-gotten stars. In addition, if the opponent is low enough for the player to score a KO, they should do so rather than play this card. The stars and wins received from the KO as well as the time wasted by the opponent trying to revive are far more valuable than anything Dark Side of Business will be able to provide in most cases. Another fault with the card is its price. Although 5 stars is not much, it means the player will need to do at least 1 damage to pay off the card's price. Thus, the player will need to do at least 2 damage to make any meaningful gain in stars. As a result, the player should generally not bring Dark Side of Business with a character with a low default attack stat, as the odds of dealing 2 or more damage are substantially lower.