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Tomato & Mimyuu

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Death and Taxes (achievement).jpg Death and Taxes
Defeat Star Devourer on Hyper difficulty

Death and Taxes is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice!



Refer to Value Judgment (achievement) for team composition of characters without positive attack stat.

  • Important thing to note is that you cannot gain stars from Star Devourer by dealing damages contrast to difficulties below hyper, so it's very crucial to not to let Star Devourer gain more stars through the battle damages dealt to you, or get KO'd.
  • Star Devourer deal +1 battle damage per 200 stars held, so the more Star Devourer holds stars, defend becomes meaningless since you will take at least 1 damage plus the amount of battle damage which character with high defense becomes useless towards the end. You should evade instead when defending will still get KO'd.
  • The most dangerous cards that Star Devourer uses will be Ransom Notes, Poppo Galaxy, Death and Taxes. Ransom Notes will make Star Devourer amass stars when players activate that gift card, and you don't get to use the card you want to use that turn. Poppo Galaxy and Death and Taxes will be deadly when Star Devourer carries many stars (most likely unless your team has Marie Poppo to deplete Star Devourer's stars).
  • If a player uses character with positive attack, Value Judgement will deal you damage and Star Devourer steals the stars 10x the damage you took from that card. On the other hand, a character with negative attack will have opposite effect.