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Deck Points are a system are in Co-op Mode that limits which cards a player can deck before the match. Cards are assigned different deck point costs, which will be deducted from the player's limited pool of deck points when added to the deck. This mechanic essentially prevents players from packing too many "powerful" cards.

This also ties into the role rank system, balancing the viability of characters that are playing non-ideal roles, by allowing them to pack a greater amount of useful cards.

Deck Points and Role Rank[]

A fixed number of deck points are provided to the player once they choose their role on the deck builder screen. The amount of deck points the player has available is listed under the card selection window. The amount of deck points available to use is dependent on the character's role rank in their selected role. Simply put, the better a character performs as a certain role, the higher their role rank, and the less deck points they will have available.

Each card has a fixed deck point cost that will be deducted from the player's deck points upon being added to the deck. A card's deck point cost is listed on the front of the card during deck selection. Powerful cards generally cost 5 deck points, slightly useful cards cost 2 deck points, and weaker or generic cards cost 0 deck points. If the player does not have enough deck points remaining to pay the cost of a card, they will not be able to deck additional copies of the card.

Each role rank from A to E has a base amount of deck points available. The player can unlock more deck points by leveling up their role. When any role is leveled up to 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 the player will receive an additional +1 deck point for that role. This means the player can earn an additional +5 deck points for the role through leveling up.

Rank Base Deck Points Deck Points At Level 10
A 10 15
B 13 18
C 17 22
D 21 26
E 25 30

Card Prices[]

All cards have a deck point cost of either 0, 2, or 5 deck points. However, some cards are unable to be decked in Co-op Mode, likely due to being seen as too impractical or overpowered for the mode. There are also a number of cards (such as  Pet Snacks) that have had their effects completely changed for Co-op Mode.

Cards that cost 0 points Cards that cost 2 points Cards that cost 5 points Cards that can't be decked

  1. While it cannot be put in the deck, Assault can still end up on the board as a result of M10 Robot's  Assault Field.
  2. While it cannot be put in the deck, Bad Pudding can still end up on the board as a result of Big the Haruo's  Present, or the Minelayer mixer.