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Dice are optional cosmetic items for the player's dice. With this option, the player can change the appearance of their dice in-game. The player can change the appearance of the dice by either selecting their dice before a match or setting their default dice on their player avatar screen.

Upon file creation, the player will automatically receive the default dice and will have the option to purchase any of the starting character dice in the shop. A wide assortment of dice are available for the player to unlock from crates, while some others have specific unlock conditions for the player to fulfill. Many dice have also been introduced during events, with some becoming available in the mystery bag, while others have remained locked to the specific event. It is very common for at least one dice to be added to the game each event.

List of Dice

  • Non Seasonal: The dice is available to unlock at any time of year (not including the Mystery Bag).
  • Seasonal: The dice is only available to unlock during certain seasonal events, or from the Mystery Bag.
Dice Status Mystery Bag Crate 3.png
Default Dice.pngDefault Dice Non Seasonal No
QP Dice.pngQP Dice Non Seasonal No
Suguri Dice.pngSuguri Dice Non Seasonal No
Marc Dice.pngMarc Dice Non Seasonal No
Kai Dice.pngKai Dice Non Seasonal No
Red Christmas Tree Dice.pngRed Christmas Tree Dice Non Seasonal No
Green Christmas Tree Dice.pngGreen Christmas Tree Dice Non Seasonal No
Star Dice.pngStar Dice Non Seasonal No
Orange Dice.pngOrange Dice Non Seasonal Yes
Blue Dice.pngBlue Dice Non Seasonal Yes
Green Dice.pngGreen Dice Non Seasonal Yes
Yellow Dice.pngYellow Dice Non Seasonal Yes
Green Marble Dice.pngGreen Marble Dice Non Seasonal Yes
Purple Marble Dice.pngPurple Marble Dice Non Seasonal Yes
Orange Marble Dice.pngOrange Marble Dice Non Seasonal Yes
Gold Dice.pngGold Dice Non Seasonal Yes
Wooden Dice.pngWooden Dice Non Seasonal Yes
Chocolate Dice.pngChocolate Dice Seasonal Yes
Heart Dice.pngHeart Dice Seasonal Yes
Treasure Dice.pngTreasure Dice Seasonal Yes
Pumpkin Dice.pngPumpkin Dice Seasonal Yes
Rein Dice.pngRein Dice Seasonal No
Bell Dice.pngBell Dice Seasonal Yes
Gingerbread Dice.pngGingerbread Dice Seasonal Yes
Candy Dice.pngCandy Dice Seasonal No
Rose Dice.pngRose Dice Seasonal No
Sakura Dice.pngSakura Dice Seasonal No
Pencil Dice.pngPencil Dice Seasonal No
NoName Dice.pngNoName Dice Seasonal No
Beach Ball Dice.pngBeach Ball Dice Non Seasonal No
Sun Dice.pngSun Dice Non Seasonal No
Sandcastle Dice.pngSandcastle Dice Non Seasonal No
Snow Dice.pngSnow Dice Seasonal No
Ice Dice.pngIce Dice Seasonal No
Attacker Dice.pngAttacker Dice Non Seasonal No
Guardian Dice.pngGuardian Dice Non Seasonal No
Support Dice.pngSupport Dice Non Seasonal No
Avenger Dice.pngAvenger Dice Non Seasonal No
Max Attacker Dice.pngMax Attacker Dice Non Seasonal No
Max Guardian Dice.pngMax Guardian Dice Non Seasonal No
Max Support Dice.pngMax Support Dice Non Seasonal No
Max Avenger Dice.pngMax Avenger Dice Non Seasonal No
Big the Haruo Dice.pngBig the Haruo Dice Non Seasonal No
M10 Robot Dice.pngM10 Robot Dice Non Seasonal No
Star Devourer Dice.pngStar Devourer Dice Non Seasonal No
Clamshell Dice.pngClamshell Dice Seasonal No
Dealer Dice.pngDealer Dice Non Seasonal No
Max Dealer Dice.pngMax Dealer Dice Non Seasonal No
Summer Beast Dice.pngSummer Beast Dice Non Seasonal No
Big the Jonathan Dice.pngBig the Jonathan Dice Non Seasonal No
RoPoChi Dice.pngRoPoChi Dice Non Seasonal No
Dark Citadel Dice.pngDark Citadel Dice Non Seasonal No
Mio's Flame Dice.pngMio's Flame Dice Non Seasonal No
Alicianrone Dice.pngAlicianrone Dice Non Seasonal No
Pufferfish Dice.pngPufferfish Dice Seasonal No
Red Mushroom Dice.pngRed Mushroom Dice Seasonal No
Blue Mushroom Dice.pngBlue Mushroom Dice Seasonal No
Cow Dice.pngCow Dice Non Seasonal No
Orange Cocktail Dice.pngOrange Cocktail Dice Seasonal No
Swimming Coach Dice.pngSwimming Coach Dice Non Seasonal No