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Duelist.jpg Duelist
Win a Game by Only Picking Battle Options

Duelist is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice.


  • Win a game by completing only wins-related norma.


  • It's best to pick a battle-oriented character for this, for instance Yuki or Tomomo. It is also advisable to play on a map with the Battlefield effect enabled to increase the frequency of hitting encounter tiles, or Miracle to temporarily increase the wins gained from encounter tiles - enabling both can cause overlap on some turns, which isn't bad.
  • This is perfectly doable in single-player, preferably on smaller maps like Practice Field so the chances of meeting and defeating other players is higher, but be wary about attempting it in multiplayer, as there is a stigma attached to continually going for win normas; since unlike stars, it's impossible to negate wins once they've been acquired. Because of this, often-times players will attempt to avoid your character, or continually assassinate you with hypers to keep you in recovery mode, unable to accumulate more wins or turn in normas.
  • If you have access to DLC7's Star Breaker, winning a game with her will automatically acquire this achievement, while also putting you close to Battle Master.