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Efficiency Theory.jpg Efficiency Theory
Defeat M10 Robot on Hyper difficulty without dealing any damage to it outside combat.

Efficiency Theory is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice!


  • In Co-op Mode, win a game against the M10 Robot boss on Hyper difficulty, without dealing any out-of-battle damage to the boss.
  • Boss's cards that deals out-of-battle damage to himself (such as Self Destruction) isn't included. Player's cards, however, will nullify the achievement.


  • It is heavily advised to use a character that revives instantly (Shifu Robot, Sora (Military)) for at least 3 units since Perfect Reflective Shell will deal back all the damage in battle.
  • You would want to have at least 2 Attackers because Protect will reduce his battle damage, and it is very important to wear down the stacks by attacking multiple times, and attackers will attack first. It is possible to beat him with only 1 attacker, but you would require to endure more turns.
  • There must be at least 1 supporters to ensure that your teammates wouldn't die instantly by the Boss's card because of low HP. Healing cards such as Dinner cannot be used when the Boss uses EMP, which renders players to be unable to use their cards. Supporters should try to stay alive as much they can because when a character would revive with 0 REC, it would require 0 stars to revive, and having full hp makes much more safer when the boss would use out-of-battle damage card.
  • Guardian is optional and its unique skills would help other characters especially supporter to not to get KO-ed easily
  • Support cards such as Extend, Dinner, Saki's Cookie, Forced Revival, Pudding, and Portable Pudding are pretty useful to make the characters stay alive.
  • Dash is a very powerful card and easy to use since it can be used both running away from boss and reviving the character.
  • Serene Hush is very useful and cost-effective compared to Tactical Retreat and Shield Counter when the boss would use a card that heavily favors the boss (Scramble Delta Field, and Imaginary Numbers). Players should consider putting some of this card for safety.
  • Metallic Monocoque is also helpful card especially for Sora (Military) as she cannot be revived when she dies from out-of-battle damage.
  • Tequila is another viable choice (usually as Supporter) for this achievement. His stats fare pretty well against the boss and his hyper can be very helpful in breaking down the shield or dealing great damage once Scrambled takes place.