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Ellie's Miracle
Ellie's Miracle.png
Cost: Level x10 stars.
Effect Duration: 2 chapters. Gain +X ATK, +Y DEF, and +Z EVD, where X = Your total Norma completed, Y = your number of Wins Norma completed, and Z = your number of Stars Norma completed.
Hyper Info
Level x10 ★
"Receive my miracle!" - Ellie


Ellie's Hyper is Ellie's Miracle. Upon use, the player will gain ATK equal to the total amount of Norma completed, DEF equal to the total amount of Wins Norma completed, and EVD equal to the total amount of Stars Norma completed. This effect lasts for 2 chapters.


Ellie's Miracle is a powerful Hyper that can give the player a burst of power. For two chapters, the player will gain ATK, DEF, and EVD based on their previously completed Normas. This effect becomes greatest at level 5, giving the player +4 ATK and up to a +4 boost distributed across DEF and/or EVD. The ATK boost can allow the player to easily KO opponents in battle, or potentially KO the boss while it has a decent amount of HP remaining. Additionally, this Hyper provides flexible defensive options, as the player can choose to invest in Wins Normas (to gain DEF), Stars Normas (to gain EVD), or a mix of the two. Due to its increased duration over other stat-boosting Hypers (such as  Extraordinary Specs), Ellie's Miracle can be combined with a variety of cards to increase the player's chances of getting a valuable KO. For instance,  Dash! can be used to keep within attacking range of an opponent, and  Final Battle can be effective due to the Hyper's defensive boost allowing the player to sustain multiple rounds of combat. In Co-op mode, this Hyper has increased utility since both Norma checks are enabled. If the player fulfills both the Stars and Wins requirements on a given Norma check, this counts as both types of Norma being completed, and results in the player gaining a boost in all three stats when using this Hyper.

Despite its potential, Ellie's Miracle has several drawbacks that limit its usefulness. First of all, the card's scaling cost can make plays with it very expensive, particularly in the late game. At level 2, the Hyper costs 20 stars for a meager +2 total boost to the player's stats; at level 5, the Hyper costs a massive 50 stars to play. The high cost can be compounded further with cards used to combo off the Hyper, such as  Big Magnum or  Little War. The player can use  President's Privilege to help offset this card's cost, but only after reaching level 4. The second issue with Ellie's Miracle is that the stat boost it gives is highly dependent on how the player chooses to progress through their Normas. The more beneficial DEF boost is limited to players going for Wins Normas, which are generally more difficult to complete compared to Stars Normas. Finally, the player must rely on their dice rolls and position on the board to get the most out of Ellie's Miracle. A poor attack roll can allow an opponent to survive, whereas a poor movement roll can prevent the player from being able to enter battle at all during the Hyper's effect.