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End of Pudding.jpg End of Pudding
While playing Syura, KO QP (DLC 1)

End of Pudding is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is one of 6 achievements included within DLC 1.


  • While playing as Syura, KO vanilla QP in a battle.


  • Despite Syura not being an overly battle-oriented character, defeating QP once in a single match isn't asking too much. Perhaps the easiest way of achieving this is cycling through single-player matches on Practice Field until you get a CPU QP, targeting her the entire game, and before long you'll wear her down and score the kill. You can also find QP on Suguri's story mode, episode 2. Just set to casual and eventually you'll be able to kill her. Just to be sure though, load your deck with attack buff cards and  Dash!'s, to ensure she doesn't escape your grasp. Even if she uses her hyper to insta-revive in your last battle, the achievement is still awarded.
  • You must KO vanilla QP in order for this achievement to trigger; QP (Dangerous!) will not count towards the achievement.

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