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Expansion Pack
Expansion Pack.png
Pack Information
  Symbol   Pack2icon.png
  Pack Price   240★
  Patch Added   1.0

Expansion Pack is the second card pack available in 100% Orange Juice. The pack requires no DLC and was released with the game at launch. The Expansion Pack is the second cheapest card pack behind the Base Pack. The expansion set itself contains more cards then any other pack with 22 collectible cards: 6 rares, 10 uncommons, and 6 commons. In total the pack adds, 3 battle cards, 4 boost cards, 7 event cards, and 8 trap cards. Similar to the Base Pack, the cards feature a wide range of designs by multiple illustrators.

While this pack is part of the base game, 15 games must be played before it can be purchased from the shop. After playing 10 games, it will become visible in the shop, marked as "Coming Soon", after which 5 more games must be played to make it available for purchase.



Reverse Attribute Field.pngReverse Attribute Field.png  Big Magnum.pngBig Magnum.png  Shield.pngShield.png          
Extend.pngExtend.png  Princess's Privilege.pngPrincess's Privilege.png  Stiff Crystal.pngStiff Crystal.png  Long-Distance Shot.pngLong-Distance Shot.png    
Forced Revival.pngForced Revival.png  Dinner.pngDinner.png  Sealed Guardian.pngSealed Guardian.png  Oh My Friend.pngOh My Friend.png  We Are Waruda.pngWe Are Waruda.png  Super All-Out Mode.pngSuper All-Out Mode.png  Cloud of Seagulls.pngCloud of Seagulls.png  
Flamethrower.pngFlamethrower.png  Exchange.pngExchange.png  For the Future of the Toy Store.pngFor the Future of the Toy Store.png  Tragedy in the Dead of Night.pngTragedy in the Dead of Night.png  Heat 300%.pngHeat 300%.png  Go Away.pngGo Away.png  Invasion.pngInvasion.png  Piggy Bank.pngPiggy Bank.png


  • This pack contains an error on its cover as the description says the pack contains 6 rares, 9 uncommons, and 7 commons, when in reality the pack contains one more uncommon and one less common.