100% Orange Juice Wiki
Boost Card
Stock Effect
After suffering KO, you will revive on the following turn.
3 ☆
10 ★
1 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 2
Rare Card
"All good for now!" —Marc

Extend is a powerful and unique 3-star level boost card with an effect similar to  Forced Revival without punishing the player's health. Upon activation, the player receives a stock of Extend that will last until the next time the player is KO'd. Once KO'd, the player will ignore their recovery roll the following chapter and instantly recover to full HP.

Strategic Info[]

Extend is a great boost card that can benefit nearly every character on the roster, and its remarkable cheapness relative to its powerful effect makes it a popular choice to many players. The card is often a staple in the decks of high recovery stat characters, as the card is best put to use on characters with a high recovery stat such as Tomomo and Sweet Breaker among others. Without Extend, the average amount of recovery attempts for characters with a recovery stat of 6 is roughly 3 chapters, which can put the player back quite a bit, especially if they are seeking wins. Extend substantially benefits the player, causing them to only lose one turn, and enables them to pursue the opponent that just KO'd them before they get too far. Likewise, the knowledge that the player will recover on the next chapter can act as a deterrent to an opponent with low health intending to KO the player. The card can also synergize well with characters like Alte who expect to be KO'd multiple times a game by their own hyper card in order to use their passive ability. Extend is also surprisingly effective on Shifu Robot despite his instant recovery, as it will heal him to full HP as opposed to 1.

Extend is not without its faults, however. The card can easily backfire. If there are multiple pursuing units still behind the player, the player will be open for attack again on the very next chapter without the chance of the opponents passing by while the player recovers. Opponents can then exploit the loop effect similar to Sora (Military)'s passive and bring the player down again, leaving them with even fewer stars and a recovery roll to deal with. The card also is not for every character on the roster. Extend has very little gain for characters with low recovery stats such as Peat, Tomato & Mimyuu and Nanako, who already possess an over 50% chance of recovering on the first turn.

Extra Info[]

  • If the player is revived by another source, such as  Forced Revival or the support class's Restoring Light ability, the Extend stock will not be used.
  • Extend triggers before auto-revive effects such as Sora (Military)'s passive, consuming the stock and reviving the character with full HP.
  • A player can only have one stock of Extend at a time. Using it while the player has an Extend stock will waste the card.