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Fast Cut.jpg Fast Cut
As Alicianrone, hit a unit 5 or more times with one Full Speed Alicianrone. (DLC)

Fast Cut is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice! It is one of 6 achievements included within DLC 27.



  • It should definitely be worth noting that, despite what the achievement says, you do not have to hit the same opponent 5 times.
  • This achievement requires some really specific set-ups for it to be achieved. The most efficient method requires you to play on Space Wanderer with three other players as Miusaki and the FreezeFreeze
    Every 5 Chapters, 1/3 of the board's panels become PIce.png Ice panels. This effect lasts for the duration of the Chapter and does not affect PHome.png Home panels.
    field event turned on. Now, once you and one of the Miusakis have your hypers, everyone must go to one of the corners on the map and have the Miusaki play her hyper when the field event happens followed by you. You can easily circle around the area with a high enough roll, skipping every few panels thanks to freeze, and the Miusaki who played her hyper won't take any damage from your hyper. If everyone is in the corner, it should take about 3 loops of the corner for you to hit the Miusaki 3 times, and the other players twice, making you earn the achievement.
  • This achievement is also possible with co-op such as Big the Haruo (Hyper difficulty) either solo or multiplayer. Two conditions will be required to be setup.
    1. Big the Haruo and its maximum of 4 minions exist.
    2. Alicianrone holds her Hyper, and she or the player after her holds  Party Time.

Party Time should be used during or after Alicianrone's turn, since you don't want her to go in front of Big the Haruo and gets killed by huge number of rolls. It is also important to not to use Party Time when Big the Haruo would be using a card that deals damage within him.

If the mixers don't include Joker, the deck should include  President's Privilege to reduce the star cost of her hyper.

However, this strategy doesn't guarantee the achievement because either Big the Haruo and/or its minions would land on warp panels or Alicianrone would roll low numbers while using her hyper, which will require to setup again. Since he spawns 2 minions per 5 chapters, you can still attempt again even if the minions are killed unintentionally, or Alicianrone fails to hit 5 units.

Alicianrone should use the role Dealer (preferably at level 5 or higher to enable use of  Demand) over any other role. Being able to hold more cards would greatly increase a chance to retry this strategy if it fails.