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Unsurprisingly, Fernet should always go for star norma unless she manages to attain many wins through bizarre circumstances. While it is not impossible, it is highly unlikely for players to get wins with her. Generally, Fernet breezes through collecting and protecting her stars thanks to her stats. Consequently, opponents often ignore her in the early game and wait until the late game to try to KO her. Fernet should focus on  Draw and  Bonus panels to both ensure more stars for norma, and maintain an appropriate supply of cards to heal and protect her in the late game.

Playing As Fernet
  • As Fernet is not card reliant,  Gift Exchange is highly advised to remove card from other players that will either let them earn more stars than Fernet or get through her solid defensive stats.  Flamethrower can also be used, but is less reliable.
  • Healing cards such as  Dinner,  Pudding, and  Saki's Cookie can help Fernet survive longer.
  •  Play of the Gods can draw helpful event cards such as  Gift Exchange and  Dinner. However, it can also draw Fernet's Hyper which will damage her if another player uses it so if you choose to deck this card, try to keep your Hyper out of your hand.
  •  Oh My Friend can summon the  Boss which other players are more likely to die to, however it's recommended you attempt to use it though  Play of the Gods. Similarly,  Pet Snacks buffs  Encounter panel enemies.
Playing Against Fernet

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Gift Exchange
 Saki's Cookie

 Play of the Gods
 Portable Pudding

 Oh My Friend
 Pet Snacks

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Dark Side of Business

 Heat 300%