Fish-a-Fish Minigame

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The Fish-A-Fish field event is a unique field event that triggers a minigame for all players to play once every 9 turns. The minigame awards players with stars and wins depending on their performance.

Catching Fish[edit | edit source]

The player clicks to cast their hook.

During the minigame, all players will be given 30 seconds to earn as many points as they can by catching fish. Players can cast their hook at any location of the river, which will cause their hook to lower at a set speed. The first fish that the hook touches will be caught, and points will be earned depending on the fish's species and size. Bonus points can also be earned by performing a combo and by completing a set of fish. Intermittently throughout the minigame, a number of Speed Up events will activate, increasing both fish speed and hook speed for a short amount of time.

Points[edit | edit source]

The player catches a crab, completing a set of fish.

When catching a fish, a number of base points are earned based on its species and size. Then, the player can also receive bonus points based upon their current species combo, and whether or not they complete the set of fish for the grill.

Upon starting the minigame, there will be a set of 3 randomly-selected fish species shown below the grill. The first player to catch these three species of fish will be awarded 20 bonus points, and then a set of 3 more fish will be randomly selected. Fish will disappear from below the grill as they are caught by the player, in order to indicate which species are left to catch for them.

The player can also earn a combo bonus by catching many fish of the same species in a row. When this happens, the fish's base point total will be multiplied by the combo amount. For instance, the 2nd fish of the same species will receive a x2 point multiplier, the 3rd fish of the same species will receive a x3 point multiplier, etc.

There are a number of different species of fish that can be caught during the minigame, which each having its own unique point total, swimming speed, swimming style, and spawning depth. Fish of the same species can also vary in size and swimming speed, and this can affect the points earned for catching it. However, there are some types of fish which always award the same amount of points, regardless of size. In addition, the two pieces of junk will never be selected for the grill.

Appearance Base Point Total
Fish2.png 4 points
Fish6.png 5 points
Fish5.png 6 points
Fish10.png 4-5 points
Fish11.png 4-7 points
Fish1.png 6-8 points
Fish3.png 0 points

Results[edit | edit source]

The results of the minigame.

At the end of the minigame, all players will earn Stars and Wins depending on their performance. Stars are awarded at a rate of 1 star for every 6 points earned, and Wins are awarded based on the player's placing within the minigame.

Placement Earned Wins
1st 2
2nd 1
3rd 0

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the Master Anglers event, in which this minigame debuted, a pufferfish would sometimes appear in the minigame. The pufferfish was worth 16 points (also unlocking the PufferfishPet1.png Pufferfish Pet for the player who caught it) and could never be selected for the grill.
  • Prior to Version 2.9.8 (Hotfix 4), completing a set of fish awarded only 15 bonus points.
  • Prior to Version 3.0 (Hotfix 2), each fishing minigame lasted 90 seconds and awarded 3/2/1/0 Wins for placement.