100% Orange Juice Wiki
Trap Card
KO's a player.
If the player has any cards in their hand, they will lose all of them instead of suffering KO.
3 ☆
0 ★
3 per Deck
Uncommon Card
"Heeehaaaaah!" —Punk

Flamethrower is a 3-star trap card that causes the victim to discard their entire hand. If they had no hand when the trap was triggered, they are KO'd instead, regardless of their current health.

Strategic Info[]

Flamethrower is an essential trap for characters who want their opponents or even themselves to have as few cards as possible. Aru can use this card to empty her opponents' hands safely due to the free cost and the discard effect, setting her up for a huge  Present for You. Some characters even enjoy being afflicted by this card. Mei needs her hand to be empty in order to obtain  Red & Blue. A Flamethrower placed on her  Home can easily allow her to toss unneeded cards or unplayable cards without spending stars. While Store Manager cannot play this trap himself, landing on it will rid him of all the useless cards in his hand without causing him to take damage. In Bounty Hunt, Flamethrower can also force the discarding of quest cards, making it effective at stopping players from gaining Fame.

While the secondary KO effect sounds powerful, it does not get triggered very often. When it does, it rarely does more than slightly inconvenience the player affected by it, sometimes even giving them a free chance to heal in the process (though, like any KO, it prevents the player from receiving the effect of the panel they landed on, which means that it can be used to deny Normas). Players who depend on hoarding cards, especially battle, healing, or hyper cards may want to steer clear of Flamethrower. Nath, QP (Dangerous), Alte, and others can all have a game ruined by landing on this trap and losing their precious cards. Sweet Breaker should also avoid this trap for the opposite reason. Due to its ability to rid her opponents of cards that have been reversed by  Sealed Memories or  Melting Memories, Flamethrower is an effective counter card to her passive combat boost.

Extra Notes[]

  • Players KO'd by Flamethrower lose no stars and don't give any wins.
  • Flamethrower will still KO players that are under the effects of  Solid Witch.
  • Store Manager takes no damage from cards discarded by this trap.


  • Prior to the 1.7 update, Flamethrower was the only trap that cost 20 stars, so if you watched your opponents' stars carefully, it could be identified in advance. However, since the cost of all trap cards was changed to 0 in version 1.7, this is no longer possible.