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Boost Card
Flip Out.png
Stock Effect
Next time you land on a drop panel, the player(s) with the highest number of stars will lose the same number of stars as you.
1 ☆
0 ★
3 per Deck
Common Card
"......!" —Mei

Flip Out is a 1-star boost card that triggers the next time the player lands on a  Drop or  Drop (x2) panel. When triggered, the opponent with the highest star count will also lose the same number of stars as the player. In the event of a tie, all opponents that share the highest amount of stars will be affected.

Strategic Info[]

Flip Out is not a particularly powerful card, but it does have its uses. In the unfortunate event that the player has to land on a  Drop panel, Flip Out will also inconvenience the player that is giving them the most competition. That isn't to say that players should dive for the nearest  Drop panel, as they still end up losing stars. Aru and Mei can use this card in their deck due to the fact that it can be played for free immediately, letting Aru gain more stars from  Present for You and giving Mei easier access to  Red & Blue. Star Breaker can also make use of Flip Out, as she doesn't usually care about losing stars due to being forced into completing win normas. She can use it to inconvenience star collectors while keeping her stars at a manageable level.

The main downside of Flip Out is that it isn't a terribly impactful card. Flip Out doesn't actually do anything until the player lands on a  Drop panel, which is something most players should try to avoid doing. Because of this, Flip Out tends to be outclassed by other 1-star cards and which means it rarely sees play once the player has collected more cards to build decks with. Saki's Cookie and Nice Jingle are usually better inexpensive cards to play in most situations as are most of the 1-star traps. Because their hypers rely on their opponent's having lots of cards, Sweet Breaker and Tomato should avoid putting this card in their deck.

Extra Info[]

  • The Flip Out buff is only lost when landing on a drop panel. Being KO'd does not cause the player to lose the buff.
  • Flip Out does not stack. Using Flip Out while a previous Flip Out is still in effect on the user will do nothing.
  • The effect of  Golden Egg is taken into account before triggering Flip Out. While affected, Chicken cannot trigger Flip Out and other characters will trigger it when they land on a  Bonus or  Bonus (x2) panel in addition to the usual panels.