Flying Red Barrel (Soundtrack)

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The soundtrack for Flying Red Barrel ~The Diary of a Little Aviator~ is entirely comprised of royalty-free music from three different currently known artists who create and provide such music.

The complete list of music is listed below.

Tracks[edit | edit source]

Icon Theme Title Artist File
FRB-Logoicon.png Main Menu Playful lady
Blue Sky!
FRB-Logoicon.png Opening Theme [note 1]
FRB-Logoicon.png Record Menu Calm SAM Free Music
Pirate Crew Member icon.png Stage 1 Cloudless Sky
Tequila icon.png Stage 1 Boss
Fernet icon.png Stage 2 Pegasus
Blue Sky!
FRB-Logoicon.png Stage 2 Boss
Islay icon.png Stage 3 Those who kick the earth
Blue Sky!
FRB-Logoicon.png Stage 3 Boss
(Merchant, Lone Rider)
Kick it!
Sherry icon.png Stage 4 Confrontation
FRB-Logoicon.png Stage 4 Boss
Fierce fight
FRB-Logoicon.png Stage 5 (Part 1) Challengers
FRB-Logoicon.png Stage 5 (Part 1) Boss
[note 1]
Peat icon.png Stage 5 (Part 2) That indigo blue sky
Blue Sky!
Flying Castle icon.png Stage 5 (Part 2) Boss
(Flying Castle)
To all living people
FRB-Logoicon.png Stage 5 (Part 2) Super Boss
God, sleep forever
FRB-Logoicon.png Ending [note 1]
FRB-Logoicon.png All Endings Unlocked [note 1]
FRB-Logoicon.png Stage Complete fanfare2
Blue Sky!
FRB-Logoicon.png Game Over [note 1]
FRB-Logoicon.png Tutorial sky2 Shiho+
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Five of Flying Red Barrel's music themes have unknown origins. Due to this, the Title and Artist fields have been intentionally left blank.

External Links[edit | edit source]

  1. Blue Sky!
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