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The Fruitbat Indirect is the name given to Fruitbat Factory's periodic Twitter announcement threads. These threads announce upcoming content related to Fruitbat Factory's games, including new character voices for 100% Orange Juice!.

The first announcement thread was posted on November 21st, 2019.[1] The game was in Version 2.6 at the time.

With another great recording session behind us, we're happy to share with you the upcoming character voice casting for 100% Orange Juice! Follow us to always stay on top of the latest news! #100orange
100%OJ Cover.jpg

Without further ado... let's get started with the names!

Be excited for her! The always serious "another Ultimate Weapon" Nath will be voiced by Kondou Yui (近藤唯)!

The "big sister" of the troublemaking duo, Tomato of the Warudas will be voiced by Mizusawa Fumie (水沢史絵)! You may know her for her role as Erika "Cure Marine" Kurumi from Precure.
Waruda Machine, Blast Off!icon.png

The little Waruda miscreant Mimyuu, who's always up to no good, will be voiced by Kita Natsuki (北奈つき)!
Evil Spy Work ― Executionicon.png

Everyone's favorite off-kilter nurse Kiriko will be brought to life by the popular VTuber Sakura Miko (さくらみこ)! You can follow them at https://youtube.com/channel/UC-hM6YJuNYVAmUWxeIr9FeA
Final Surgeryicon.pngFBF Indirect Miko.png

Every woman's enemy, notorious thigh-lover NoName will be voiced by the man himself, Fujiwara Hikaru AKA Hono (藤原光)!

Did you think we're done now? We're not done.

??? - A mysterious new character will be voiced by Kadowaki Mai (門脇舞以), famous for her role as Illya in the Fate series!
FBF Indirect Silhouette 1a.png

??? - A second new character will be voiced by Yoshida Seiko (吉田聖子) who you already know as the voice of Suguri! Who could it be...
FBF Indirect Silhouette 1b.png

And finally...

??? - A third new character, codename "Mama", will be voiced by Izawa Shiori (井澤詩織)! Look forward to her appearance!
FBF Indirect Silhouette 1c.png

And... You will be able to see and hear all of these wonderful characters live in 100% Orange Juice before the end of the year! https://store.steampowered.com/app/282800/100_Orange_Juice/ #100orange
FBF Indirect Voice Cast 1.png

And that's the end of the announcements for the time being! Thank you for following along! We tried a new way of announcing content this time, did you like it? It was fun for us, at least!


The second announcement thread was posted on March 27th, 2020.[2] The game was in Version 2.8.2 at the time.

Welcome to the second ever Fruitbat Indirect, where you get spoiled to the hottest 100% Orange Juice news! Hope everyone's doing well, staying healthy and staying home! #100orange (thread)
FBF Indirect Party Time.png

Let's just jump right into it, shall we?
With another recording session with Orange Juice finished earlier this month, we're now excited to reveal the next set of character voices for 100% Orange Juice! #100orange

Before we get any further, just a friendly reminder that you can join our official Discord server to always stay up to date with the latest mem- news!

With the new voices, we've finished voicing all the regular units in the game! You know what that means...

You got it, it's witch time!

To kick things off, the energetic Solid Witch from the world of Alicianrone is getting a voice by Toda Megumi (戸田 めぐみ)! Among her many roles she's known as Hajime in New Game!
Solid Witchicon.png

And of course she's not alone! Everyone's favorite introverted Hair Witch, Ceoreparque, will be voiced by Murakami Natsumi (村上 奈津実) - perhaps best known as Saotome Ako in Aikatsu Stars!
Witch's Hair Lockicon.png

That's a lot of Girl Power for you! But we're not done yet! We also have some mystery characters to introduce!

The first mysterious new character's voice will be performed by the ever so wonderful Maruyama Miki (丸山 美紀), who you already know as the voice of Marie Poppo, Sora and Natsumi! Though, it feels like we might've seen this character somewhere already...
FBF Indirect Silhouette 2a.png

Very mysterious indeed, hmm...

The second mystery character comes in a pair with first - and she's voiced by Aizawa Saya (会沢 紗弥)! She voices Seki Hiromi in The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. Is it just me or is there something unusual about that silhouette...?
FBF Indirect Silhouette 2b.png

What's this, we have even more mystery characters!? I'm not sure if I should be showing all of this, but... *ahem*, well, if you insist...

This time I'm confident no one will be able to figure it out by the silhouette...! This upcoming character is voiced by Koyama Momoyo (小山 百代)! You might know her for her role as the main heroine of Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight, Karen!
FBF Indirect Silhouette 2c.png

That's all, hope you enjoyed the --- just kidding, obviously! We still have one more character and voice to reveal!

This final, certainly unrecognizable silhouette belongs to another new character that's fast approaching... I wonder if anyone can guess who it will be.

And here we are! This secret character is voiced by none other than Tange Sakura (丹下 桜), the voice of Nero in Fate and Sakura in Cardcaptor Sakura!
FBF Indirect Silhouette 2d.png

That's all for the voices, thank you for following along with our little announcement!
You can expect to see all of this in the game by summer!
Which one are you looking forward to the most?

Before we end, just a small heads-up that we're currently working on something interesting for the next new 100% Orange Juice event... it'll be pretty different from anything we had before!

Don't forget that 100% Orange Juice, Acceleration of SUGURI 2 and 200% Mixed Juice are all completely free on Steam until March 30!
🍊100% Orange Juice!
🧃200% Mixed Juice!
🚀Acceleration of SUGURI 2
FBF Indirect Giveaway.jpg

Thank you for tuning in to this month's Fruitbat Indirect! Until next time... #100orange

Here's a summary for those that just want to share it! #100orange
FBF Indirect Voice Cast 2.png


The third announcement thread was posted on October 9th, 2020.[3] The game was in Version 3.0 at the time.

Hello all, and welcome to the new Fruitbat Direct! (Who ever came up with that moniker in the first place?? Someone please suggest some better name for these segments! *for now let's tag it #fruitbatdirect*)

Your host for this epic Twitter night is PhleBuster! That's me, hi! Hope everyone's doing well today!
If you use Discord, remember to join our official server for more news and silly cryptic teasers!

New & Upcoming Releases

Wow, preparing for this show I thought I wouldn't have much to talk about... but actually we've been up to a lot recently, so buckle up!
Let's start with some general news... it's autumn, right? That means Steam Game Festival (Autumn Edition) too!

We just released a free demo for the charming puzzle game Treehouse Riddle to be playable in the #SteamGameFestival - hope you'll have a chance to give it a try! The demo can be finished in <1 hour.
Coming out this winter on PC/Switch!
https://store.steampowered.com/app/1155900/Treehouse_Riddle/ #treehouseriddle

Don't forget to wishlist it on Steam if you enjoy the demo! It helps a lot!
As for other stuff we've worked on this past summer...

If you've missed it, we currently have 2 Nintendo Switch limited physical editions in the works and coming out soon!

First is the SeaBed limited edition by East Asia Soft, which is looking really cool!
https://eastasiasoft.com/games/SeaBed #SeaBedVN

The promised Chinese translation of SeaBed has had significant delays this year, which has unfortunately delayed the estimated release... but I don't think you'll need to wait much longer until it's released!
I can't wait to see even more people playing this wonderful story.

Second, First Press Games announced last month the physical edition for Neko Navy - Daydream Edition!
It's going to have a super fluffy premium package - the Collector's Edition even includes a cat plushie!
https://firstpressgames.com/collections/neko-navy #NekoNavy

This limited edition is also currently taking preorders, and is releasing this winter, with a few extra features too! Don't miss out on the fluffiness!

And if you haven't given our latest #visualnovel release Jiangshi x Daoshi a try yet, you can play the full EP1-2 release for free!
It's a wee bit crazy... but also crazy good!
https://fruitbat-factory.itch.io/daoshi #JiangshiVN

The Chinese translation of Jiangshi x Daoshi including Episode 3, is almost complete, so you can expect to see the Episode 3 release soon!
And if you thought EP1-2 is crazy...
FBF Indirect Daoshi.jpg

Another game we've put a lot of work into this past summer is Acceleration of SUGURI 2!
Did you notice we've added 2 all-new and super cute character costumes to the game too, for Sora and Suguri? And there are more coming... #AoS2
FBF Indirect AoS2.jpg

There are also biweekly Acceleration of SUGURI 2 community tournaments, which always have sponsored prizes!
The next one is tomorrow, so why not give it a try? New players are always warmly welcomed!
(Obligatory "We got #rollback"!)
https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/vDyHxjd7xG#/signup/v4p55vjvuxo #AoS2

100% Orange Juice!

When it comes to autumn, it's a good time in many parts of the world to go to the woods and look for mushrooms! Have you been finding any?
p.s. only eat mushrooms you know to be safe!🍄🍄🍄
FBF Indirect Shroom 1.jpg

Did you know there's currently an ongoing mushroom-themed event in 100% Orange Juice, where you can safely pick and eat all the mushrooms you want!
Don't miss out on the fungi rewards!
https://store.steampowered.com/app/282800/100_Orange_Juice/ #100orange
FBF Indirect Shroom 2.jpg

The event continues Ellie & Lulu's adventure, and introduces 2 new characters, Arnelle and Maynie!
I wonder if we'll ever see those two again...
FBF Indirect Shroom 3.jpg

The event was released alongside 100% Orange Juice version 3.0, which also added Steam Workshop support!
It seems to have gotten crazy popular, and we already have over 500 mods available!

Which one is your favorite?
I'm not biased, so I recommend the Poppoformation mod! It's very blessed, and I think everyone should install it.
FBF Indirect Poppo Mod.png

Since we're in October, there are probably certain expectations about what the next 100% Orange Juice event will be...

...and I'm here to tell you they're probably spot on.
FBF Indirect Teaser 3a.png

As for other events, I know a lot of people fell in love with Bounty Hunt when we first ran it this spring, and for all of you I have good news.

Coming this winter!
FBF Indirect Teaser 3b.png

I'm also currently in the process of shifting through the *massive* amount of suggestions we received for the Community Card Pack 3! ETA to finish: probably a month or more!
After that and a few other steps, there will be a card art contest!

Did that wrap up what I had planned to say? I guess it's enough?🤔

👋Thanks for tuning in to this month's Fruitbat Di- wait, what do you mean I forgot something?

Character Voices

Oh, right, right. I might've promised some juicy leeks about voices as well!
FBF Indirect Leek.png

Covid has been making voice work more difficult than usual this past year, but I'm happy to say we were able to have another great recording for new 100% Orange Juice voices!

And I have the privilege to introduce them to you right now!
So without *cough* further ado, let's get right into it!
FBF Indirect Reveal 3a.png

First we have... the (self-proclaimed) greatest treasure hunter of all time - Arnelle herself!
She's voiced by Ishiguro Chihiro, who you may know as the voice of the Vocaloid singer Yuzuki Yukari!
FBF Indirect Reveal 3b.png

Following (literally) on her heels is her trusty follower Maynie, who has a bit of a wild side to her...
She's voiced by Tanaka Takako, best known for her wonderful role as Hina in the Hinamatsuri anime series!
FBF Indirect Reveal 3c.png

Besides this duo, we have 2 more mystery characters to reveal...

Our first mystery character is very cute and hardworking! You'll have to take my word for it for now!
They're voiced by Kouno Hiyori, the voice of Cure Sparkle in the Healin' Good Pretty Cure anime!
FBF Indirect Silhouette 3a.png

As for the second mystery character... I can say this one's very fluffy!

They're voiced by Sato Azusa, the voice of Fuwari Midorikaze in PriPara - as well as the beloved voice of your favorite pudding doggo QP in 100% Orange Juice!
FBF Indirect Silhouette 3b.png

I know it can be frustrating to be unable to guess who these characters might be for now, but you won't have to feel vexed for long - all 4 characters will be coming before the end of the year!

Here's a group picture with all 4 upcoming characters - I wonder which one you all are most looking forward to? #100orange
FBF Indirect Voice Cast 3.png

Before we call it a day, there's 1 more cool thing we're currently working on!

I can't actually show much, it's very early stages... but it's something cool! Really cool!
This is all I can show for now... and it might be a while before there's more... sorry!
FBF Indirect Teaser 3c.jpg

Well, that's all for today's Fruitbat Direct (seriously someone come up with a better name kthx! #fruitbatdirect)! Thank you for tuning in to your local Twitter!
Hope you had a good time!
Everyone stay well! 👋


The fourth announcement thread was posted on April 22nd, 2021.[5] The game was in Version 3.5 at the time.

🦇🦇🦇Hello all! Welcome to the new Fruitbat Indirect, where we go over the latest Fruitbat Factory news and developments! #FruitbatIndirect🦇🦇🦇

There's been quite a few things happening since the last Indirect, again. We'll collect it all in a thread here.⬇⬇⬇

One big news is that the first official Orange Juice board game was launched, with the cool Bullet🍊 expansion to shmup board game Bullet♥︎ by Level 99 Games!
You can order it here: https://level99store.com/pages/bullet-orange
FBF Indirect Bullet Orange.jpg

We also have a small update on the SeaBed Switch physical limited edition many have been waiting patiently for: The editing for the Chinese translation has finished and we're in the process of inserting it now. Playtesting will commence very shortly! #SeaBedVN
SeaBed Switch.png

In more #visualnovel news, the wonderfully dark and twisted mystery VN by Kenkou Land, MAMIYA - A Shared Illusion of the World's End - is releasing in only 8 more days, April 30, 10 AM PST!
You can wishlist it here 🌖https://store.steampowered.com/app/1394930/Mamiya/ #MamiyaVN

Treehouse Riddle has taken a bit longer than expected, with adding all-new control schemes. But playtesting on PC is now complete, with full controller support added! There's a bit more work left on the Switch version, so look forward to more news.
FBF Indirect Treehouse Riddle.png

As for what's going on in 100% Orange Juice, we've just released a huge version 3.5 update, which added a new Community Card Pack for free, as well as player plate customization!
You can see what's new here: 🍊https://steamcommunity.com/games/282800/announcements/detail/3106895956653261499 #100orange

Also, plushie news! If you were a backer on the 2nd Orange Juice plushie campaign, you received an update today with surveys, which include polling on a possible 3rd plushie wave!
Vote for your favorite plush here if you're interested!

We have a number of new features in the works for 100% Orange Juice again. The next major update is already expected to land next month! One of the things it includes is related to a tradition we've had with these #FruitbatIndirect segments...

🍊🍊🍊And of course, that means announcing new character voices!🍊🍊🍊
Indeed, we had another great voicing session not long ago, and I'm extremely excited to share with you the castings for the next upcoming character voices!

First of all, we have 2 characters you may have already met before!
FBF Indirect Reveal 4a.png

The amazing guide Halena with every map of the world in her brain is voiced by Kishimoto Moeka! Please look forward to a wonderful voice soon!
FBF Indirect Reveal 4b.png

Her partner (note: not a chicken), the great navigator Cook, is brought to life by Kanemoto Hisako, who anyone who watches anime or plays video games is likely familiar with! Her many roles include Ika Musume in her titular anime and Djeeta in Granblue Fantasy.
FBF Indirect Reveal 4c.png

But that's not all! We also have 2 new mystery characters who received their voices and will be appearing in the early summer!

Our first special guest is Yamanaka Masahiro, giving voice to ❓❓❓! He brings a very unique tone to this upcoming character, which should be a ton of fun!
FBF Indirect Silhouette 4a.png

And the second mystery arrival is voiced by Terashima Junta! His major roles include Fujimura Mamoru in Tsukipro the Animation and Ichijou Shin in King of Prism, and here he brings a superbly cool voice to our new character!
FBF Indirect Silhouette 4b.png

Here's a cool group picture with all of them together! #100orange #FruitbatIndirect
FBF Indirect Voice Cast 4.png

And that's all the news we have for you right now! We hope you had fun!
Thank you for your support, and look forward to the next #FruitbatIndirect 🦇🦇🦇!


The fifth announcement thread was posted on October 1st, 2021.[6] The game was in Version 3.8 at the time.

Hello one and all!
It's time... welcome to the latest #FruitbatIndirect - Tokyo Game Show edition!
Here we'll be recapping some recent things we've been up to, as well as announcing exciting new things for the future!

We hope you're all having a wonderful time this week!

To begin with, due to recent trouble with the Discord server we've set up a new Fruitbat Factory community server while we wait for Discord to sort it out (at this rate there's a good chance it'll be a permanent move)!
discord.gg/fruitbatfactory is still the link to it!

We have the demos of MAMIYA, SeaBed and Treehouse Riddle featured for #TGS2021, and the Treehouse Riddle demo has just been updated to latest version with a big overhaul, so make sure to check those out if you haven't already!

Our games are also in the Steam Tokyo Game Show sale, so don't miss out on the best deals!
100% Orange Juice is -75% off, with all DLC discounted!

So what else is new? For one, the long-awaited physical edition of SeaBed for #NintendoSwitch is finally out in cooperation with eastasiasoft and playasia, and people are starting to receive their copies! Love to see it!

SeaBed on #NintendoSwitch has also just been updated with Simplified and Traditional Chinese language support! And what's more, it is now available from the Hong Kong eShop! #SeaBedVN
FBF Indirect Seabed 1.jpg

🌊🛏️Fans will be interested to hear that there's something else we're working on with Paleontology related to SeaBed, too! Can't share more details yet, but feel free to be excited about it!
FBF Indirect Seabed 2.jpg

We also have an update on the physical edition of Neko Navy - Daydream Edition in cooperation with First Press Games! The print designs are currently being finalized, and it's looking like that's going to be finished sometime this month. Release soon...?

We already mentioned the Treehouse Riddle demo update, but the bigger news is that the technical work is just about finished, and I think we'll be able to submit the #NintendoSwitch version soon! It's a wonderful puzzle game, and we hope you'll enjoy it!

Now for some 100% Orange Juice related news.
https://store.steampowered.com/app/282800/100_Orange_Juice/ #100orange
FBF Indirect OJ.png

🧸Many people have been asking for news on a third wave of plushies, and based on the earlier polling we've already decided what to do! We're hoping to start prototyping new designs soon, and to run another funding run for them sometime this winter or next spring.
FBF Indirect Plushie.jpg

But we know what you *really* want, and we hear you! We're happy to announce that Marie Poppo will intensify again!
FBF Indirect Poppo.jpg

100% Orange Juice version 3.9 is going to release later today with a number of technical improvements, balance changes and more!
FBF Indirect Teaser 5a.jpg

Thank you for tuning in, and see you next time!
...oh, what's that?

Ah, right! Almost forgot! It's been something of a tradition to reveal new character voice castings in the #FruitbatIndirect, so let's not break the pattern this time either!

Today we have 6 new voices to announce... wait, 7? 6.5 maybe? You be the judge!🤯

Let's start with some familiar faces that you might not have expected!

The gun-toting cat from QP Shooting - Dangerous! is getting unique new character and announcer voice lines by Aiya Saki, who returns to her classic role as Yuki - Dangerous!!
FBF Indirect Reveal 5a.png

That's right, the Yuki & Tomomo Renewal Pack is getting their own unique voices!
So you can probably guess what's next...!

The two-in-one Tomomo is also getting all-new character voices for both Casual and Sweet Eater versions, and a new Tomomo Casual announcer voice, with Aranami Kazusa revisiting the role!
FBF Indirect Reveal 5b.png

The new voices are expected to be launched later this month, and as usual current owners of the DLC will receive them for free, after which we increase the price of the DLC by $1 (or applicable).
p.s. it's -50% off right now!

You can look forward to a good time with the new voices!

We also have 4 brand new character castings to announce...!

The first mystery character is voiced by the returning talent Motomiya Kana, the voice of Aru and Hime! Look forward to a graceful performance!
FBF Indirect Silhouette 5a.png

I wonder who that could be...

The second mystery character is also visited by a returning talent, Aranami Kazusa (Tomomo, Tomomo Casual&Sweet Eater, Fernet)!
FBF Indirect Silhouette 5b.png

Who might this mysterious beauty be, then...?

Obviously, we're not done with the casting reveals yet!

The third new character is voiced by the talented Tokiwa Shouhei, who adds a very cool and unique voice to the game!
FBF Indirect Silhouette 5c.png

Are they wielding a sword? Casting magic? I guess we'll find out eventually!

And last but not least, the final secret character is voiced by Kuwahara Yuuki, perhaps best known as the voice of Tohru in "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid", as well as Kohaku in Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- & Melty Blood: Type Lumina!
FBF Indirect Silhouette 5d.png

I for one have no idea who this silhouette might be, but good luck puzzling it out!

You can expect the first two mystery characters to be released in the near future, and the other two mystery characters this winter!
Here's a combined shot of all the new voice castings!
FBF Indirect Voice Cast 5.jpg

We're almost ready to wrap up, but just in case you're not done with 100% Orange Juice announcements yet...

There is one more thing we're working on, which we may have already teased in the previous #FruitbatIndirect

It's a slow project, and might take a while before any proper announcements (assuming all goes well), but...

Just be satisfied with this for now, OK?!

And with that, the #FruitbatIndirect - Tokyo Game Show is officially over! Hope you had a good time, and see you next time!


The sixth announcement thread was posted on April 29th, 2022.[7] The game was in Version 3.9.7 at the time.

Hello all, and welcome to another Fruitbat Indirect! (thread here)
Hope everyone's doing well! 🦇#FruitbatIndirect
FBF logo.png

Today we'll be discussing various upcoming and current projects!

To start off, Treehouse Riddle! While the work on Switch version has taken much longer than anticipated, we're actually down to finishing touches now, and expect to announce release date for this highly anticipated puzzle game on Steam and #NintendoSwitch soon!
FBF Indirect Treehouse Riddle 2.jpg

In the meantime, please enjoy this new trailer for Treehouse Riddle!
Wishlist on Steam:
https://store.steampowered.com/app/1155900/Treehouse_Riddle/ #TreehouseRiddle

In an earlier #FruitbatIndirect we hinted at an upcoming SeaBed-related project...
FBF Indirect Seabed 3.jpg

While I can't reveal what it's about yet, I'm happy to confirm that the project is going ahead, and you can expect an announcement this year!
Here's a small teaser! 🌊🛏️#SeaBedVN
FBF Indirect Seabed 4.jpg

We have also picked up an exciting all-new project!

It's still top secret, but you can expect a formal announcement later this year! 🥳
...So watch this space!

🌷For the time being, please enjoy this key visual (and make of it what you will)!
FBF Indirect Teaser 6a.jpg

We're also happy to announce that we will have an exhibition at Tokyo Game Show 2022 again this year, after the previous years' online-only events! 🗼#TGS2022

Assuming nothing unexpected crops up, we will welcome you at the Fruitbat Factory booth at the Tokyo Game Show event on September 15 - 18!
Here's a photo from our last 2019 booth! Good times!
FBF Indirect TGS2019.jpg

That photo reminded me... plushies sure are cute aren't they?
FBF Indirect Plushie 2.gif

We've just received the prototypes for the upcoming new wave of 100% Orange Juice plushies! They're cute and fluffy!
Just the final checks and adjustments remain before we're ready to announce the next plushie campaign!
Who is it going to be...? 🍊#100orange
FBF Indirect Plushie 3.png

On the topic of 100% Orange Juice... we're working on a lot of cool stuff for this year!
Here's a sneak peek at one of them!
FBF Indirect Teaser 6b.jpg

Another thing coming for 100% Orange Juice this summer is... [redacted]!
FBF Indirect Teaser 6c.png

As announced earlier, Bounty Hunt rework is coming soon including public beta, and following it we will be rerunning the "Season 2" events to bring everyone up to speed on them.
FBF Indirect Bounty Hunt.png

There will be a lot more too, but those will have to wait for future announcements...!

We're starting to reach the end of the announcements, but for some reason people always expect us to announce new character voices in these!

So on that note... why don't you check out this YouTube premiere that's just going live?
https://youtu.be/JU3S3uSS-Hs 🍊#100orange

🤖Fujiwara Hikaru (AKA Hono) voices Shifu, the architect of the Little War in 'SUGURI'! Avoid risks and manipulate the battlefield to your advantage!
Shifu's Hyper is illustrated by Kokoroten!
FBF Indirect Reveal 6a.jpg

How about another one?🤔
Going live as we speak!

🪷What if the girl known as Star Breaker had a normal life instead?
The what-if version of the notorious end boss of 'Sora', Hoshino Reika is voiced by Hirayama Emi (Reika Kitakami in THE iDOLM@STER Million Live! and Star Breaker in 100% Orange Juice)!
FBF Indirect Reveal 6b.jpg

The Shifu & Reika Character Pack is available... now!🎊
https://store.steampowered.com/app/1974460/100_Orange_Juice__Shifu__Reika_Character_Pack/ 🍊#100orange

The DLC also comes with a special new kitten to pet, called Masshiro!🐈
Note that alongside our other games, 100% Orange Juice is currently -75% off in our Golden Week sale!
FBF Indirect Reveal 6c.png

And this wraps up our #FruitbatIndirect! Thank you all for tuning in, hope you had fun!
See you again next time!🫶


  • Version 3.9.8 was released immediately after the end of this Indirect.
  • The mystery main menu option announced in this thread was the OJDex. It was later added in Version 3.9.9.