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Boost Card
Gentleman's Battle.png
Choose a player with full HP and battle them. Your turn ends after the battle.
3 ☆
10 ★
3 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 2
Common Card
"Take this!" —Guildmaster

Gentleman's Battle is a 3-star boost card that allows the user to challenge another player to a battle, as long as the opponent is at full health. The player's turn then ends.

Strategic Info[]

Gentleman's Battle is a card designed for characters that are capable of dealing huge amounts of damage in combat. This includes characters with a naturally high ATK stat like Tomomo and characters with offensive battle card hypers such as Nath. The advantage of Gentleman's Battle over mobility cards like  Dash! is that weaker characters cannot use it to escape nearly well as offensive characters can use it to catch them. In addition, positioning is irrelevant for Gentleman's Battle, as it can target units from anywhere on the board and is only gated by the target's health.

The downside to Gentleman's Battle is that it can only be used when the target is at full health. As such, it cannot be used to pick players off. Tank characters such as Fernet are poor targets for Gentleman's Battle as they are incredibly hard to deal significant damage to. Characters with low ATK like Sham should not use this card in their decks, especially if they also lack defensive stats like Marie Poppo, as they have a low chance of accomplishing anything but a high chance of taking a lot of damage by playing it.

Extra Info[]

  • Gentleman's Battle can be used to fight targets whose health is over their maximum HP, such as from the effect of  Dance, Long-Eared Beasts!.