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Girl Power.jpg Girl Power
Complete the Girl Power campaign (DLC 13)

Girl Power is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is one of 7 achievements included within DLC 13.



This achievement can be gotten by playing as anyone through the Girl Power campaign, but for those who wish to play as Miusaki or Ceoreparque:

Ceoreparque is an evasion-based character who upon successful evade, will deal additional damage to the opponent. Good cards to bring as her would be  I'm on Fire! and  Rainbow-Colored Circle. Her Hyper,  Witch's Hair Lock, will prevent a player from moving their next turn. This can be used to trap a fleeing player, prevent another player from Norma, and to even trap herself on a home in order to Norma very quickly.

Miusaki is a defense-oriented character that can only ever take 2 damage in battle. Due to her passive, she can go the whole game without being KO'd once. She'll want to bring healing cards like  Saki's Cookie and  Pudding in order to prolong her survival. Her Hyper,  Solid Witch, prevents any damage to her for one chapter. This allows her to fight bosses and bullies without the risk of a high roll dealing damage.

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