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Girl Power Episode 1
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Board Practice Field Practice Field
Field Events
Every 5 chapters, causes any Field Event to occur.
Campaign Episode
Girl Power Episode 2
Girl Power Episode 1 None
It's called a board game. I borrowed it from the Forest Witch.


Starting her quest to raise her Girl Power, Ceoreparque decides to play a special board game containing the souls of legendary girls, along with fellow magical girl, Miusaki.


The character selected by default for this episode is Ceoreparque. The match is played on the Practice Field board, with the MysteryMystery
Every 5 chapters, causes any Field Event to occur.
field event in effect. The opponents for this episode are Miusaki, Nanako, and Kae.

If Miusaki is selected as the playable character, the opponents will instead be Ceoreparque, Nanako, and Kae.

Unlock Info[]

This episode is unlocked by owning DLC 13 and completing either QP Final Episode, Suguri Final Episode, Marc Final Episode, or Kai Final Episode on any difficulty.


Episode 1 is not particularly difficult in any way. Practice Field is a relatively simple board with few  Encounter panels and a single MysteryMystery
Every 5 chapters, causes any Field Event to occur.
field event. As a result, the player is not at much risk from field events, with the exception of a possible Home RouletteHome Roulette
Every 9 Chapters, all player PHome.png Home panels are randomly rotated.
. Even if this should occur, the board is small, making it not to difficult for the player to reach their new  Home position. None of the opponents are notably difficult either, as Nanako generally has little attack output and Kae can usually be KO'd with ease so long as the player rolls well.

The only difficulty the player will likely face is from Nanako. While low in health, she can be susceptibility tank-ish, often taking 3 attacks to KO her. With the short distance between home panels, it will not be difficult for her to recover from assaults. Likewise, this can make Miusaki difficult to KO as well, as the homes can keep her supplied with enough health to enable her passive to protect her. Kae can also pose a challenge, as the deck will supply her with  Rainbow-Colored Circle and  I'm on Fire!, which may enable her to let out a powerful attack periodically.


  • Completing this episode on any difficulty unlocks Girl Power Episode 2.
  • Completing this episode on Normal difficulty or higher is a requirement in unlocking the Girl Power achievement.
  • Completing this episode on Extreme difficulty is a requirement in unlocking the Witch Hat Homemark Icon.pngWitch Hat Homemark