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Heavy Duty.jpg Heavy Duty
As Iru, KO 5 enemies in one game using Extended Photon Rifle. (DLC 20)

Heavy Duty is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice! It is one of 6 achievements included within DLC 20.



Majority of this achievement mostly is primarily obtaining your hyper and watching the HP of other player units. In theory, this achievement can be achieved with two  Extended Photon Rifle(s) (2/3 kills per hyper), though it's more practical getting it in three. Playing against low-HP characters such as Robo Ball, Nanako, and/or Peat may make this achievement easier as your passive can mostly control when they are near or at 1HP. Bringing  Passionate Research would be extremely helpful in obtaining your hyper,  Forced Revival and  Long-Distance Shot is great for managing player HP to an extent.  Sealed Guardian can be somewhat useful, but the star cost may be risky in executing your hyper (unless you have President's Privilege or Play of the Gods to pull it off).

It's also recommended to have your unit be a relatively high Norma to make as much use with your hyper as possible (also star collecting). Achieving Norma 4 is great as it doesn't pressure endgame targeting and also being able to summon a boss on the field. Boss encounters can knock down player HP giving you the window to time your hyper properly.

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