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Encounter ends if Heliseed is not KO'd after 3 rounds of battle.
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Heliseed (ヘリシード Herishīdo) is one of the twelve non-playable monster units featured in Bounty Hunt Mode. It was originally added to the game alongside Bounty Hunt Mode itself during the Bounty Hunters event. It was reintroduced when the mode became a permanent addition to the game during the Bounty Hungers event.

Heliseed also appears in both the Wanderers campaign and Chaos Mode.


  • Any Bounty battles involving Heliseed will have a base amount of 3 rounds of combat (as opposed to the standard 10).


  • Heliseed's passive description is slightly unclear regarding its actual effect, as it simply causes Bounty battles against it to last 3 rounds instead of 10. The passive does not force the Bounty battle to end after 3 rounds, meaning it can still stack with Final Battleicon.png  Final Battle like other Bounty battles can.
    • When Final Battle is used, the battle will last 12 rounds in total.
  • Due to Heliseed's passive only applying to Bounty battles, it has no effect when Heliseed is a unit on the field, even if Final Battle is used.

NPC Overview

Bounty Hunt Mode

Heliseed appears in Bounty Hunt Mode as a monster that can be fought in Bounty Battles. Heliseed is classified as an easy bounty, granting 2 fame upon KO.


Heliseed also appears as an opposing enemy unit on the field in both Wanderers Episode 1, and as an easy invader in the Knight and Faeries mutator of Chaos Mode.

It has the same stats as in Bounty Hunt Mode, as well as a REC of 4, and does not possess a Hyper. Despite the fact that Heliseed's unit card retains its passive text, the passive has no effect in these modes, due to the absence of Bounty Battles.

Update History

100% Orange Juice Emoticon 100oj.png  V2.9

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