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Event Card
Here and There.png
All players are moved to randomly chosen panels.
2 ☆
10 ★
3 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 0
Common Card
"To the next world!" —Marie Poppo

Here and There is a collectible Event card that can be acquired from the Base Pack.


When used, warps each unit to a random panel on the map.


  • Units can remain on the same panel after Here and There is used.
  • Here and There will not teleport units onto a dead end panel.


Here and There is re-positioning card that is usually used to separate the player from their opponents in dangerous situations. It can also be used as a last ditch effort to keep an opponent from reaching their  Home base if the player doesn't mind being randomly warped themselves. Characters who are weak in combat like Aru or Marie Poppo benefit the most from this card due to its low cost and potentially life-saving effect, but any character that can play cards can make use of it for the same reasons. Tanks such as Fernet or Kyoko also benefit from distancing themselves from other players, as they often lack the tools to deal with persistent opponents chipping away at their health. Flying Castle in particular needs this card for the same reason, as it has very few options to deal with attackers outside of  Immovable Object and  Warp panels. Marie Poppo (Mixed) is the one of the best users of Here and There, as it triggers her passive in addition to separating her from attackers.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the warp effect, the user may occasionally end up in a worse situation than before they played the card. It is entirely possible for the player to end up close to opponents, surrounded by dangerous panels, or far away from wherever they were trying to go. Since this card is used mostly to separate players, characters who want to stay close to their opponents such as Kai or Star Breaker should avoid putting this card into their decks, as  Party Time will benefit them much more. The Cuties should consider other event cards for their deck over Here and There, due to the high chance it has of countering their hyper  Special Stage by scattering their audience.