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Highway Heist is the first playable field in 100% Orange Juice. The field is inspired from the fourth stage of QP Shooting. Highway Heist is a wide map with long straight lines of panels and multiple field events.

It is featured in the campaigns during Girl Power Episode 9 and Midnight = Kemonomimi.

Unlock Info
  • The board can be purchased in the shop for 3500Stars Icon.png after reaching level 12.
A-Highway Heist.png
Panel Type # of Panels
 Home 4
 Bonus 18
 Draw 14
 Drop 8
 Encounter 8
 Neutral 6
 Warp 6
Field Events
Every 5 Chapters, all Players will receive 1 Card at the beginning of the Chapter.
Every 3 Chapters, a Trap Card will be set on a randomly determined panel. These Trap Cards are not affiliated with the Center Deck, and will therefore not return to the Center Deck afterwards. The cards include: Dangerous Puddingicon.png Dangerous Pudding, Bad Puddingicon.png Bad Pudding, and Mimyuu's Hammericon.png Mimyuu's Hammer
Every 6 Chapters, all PBonus.png Bonus and PDrop.png Drop panels will become PEncounter.png Encounter panels. This effect lasts for 3 Chapters.


Highway Heist is large board with long straight lines of panels. This means it's easy to run away, however with low dice rolls, it also means it can be difficult to escape a pursuing player.

  • Wins: If the player is using a bully or bruiser it may be recommended for the player to travel around the inner square of the board, as it houses most of the  Encounter panels on the board in a very compact space. If the player is lucky, they may even roll well enough to start combat with another player on the first chapter. Once the Battlefield begins, however, traveling out into the outer squares of the board is the best option as it provides a large access to  Encounter panels.
  • Stars: If the player is collecting stars, the player should focus on staying away from offensive characters. The outer squares provide a wide array of  Bonus panels to gather stars from, however these same panels will become hazardous once Battlefield comes into effect and changes them all into  Encounter panels.

Character Synergy[]

+Bully Characters such as Yuki, Tomomo, and Star Breaker will benefit greatly on the board as the plentiful supply of  Encounter panels and Battlefield event, provide a supply of combats for Wins Norma. The Charity event also supplies the player with cards for battle.
+Bullied Characters such as Aru will be at a natural disadvantage from  Encounter panels. Aru in particular will suffer from the Charity event which will make her Hyper,  Present for You weaker.


QP Shooting Stage 4.

The Highway Heist field is based directly on the fourth stage of QP Shooting. The background design of the field is almost directly copied from the stage in the game, featuring the highway background. Obviously, the name of the field itself is also an allusion to the course as well.