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Playing As Hime
  • One of Hime's few unique strengths is her ability to use her hyper  Binding Chains to leverage multi-chapter events. Unfortunately only two exist;  Little War and  Mix Phenomenon. While neither of these are generally worth to play, they have the potential to be a great boon if triggered from another player recklessly using  Play of the Gods. Since Hime will generally have to take a risk to win, it might be worth it to pack Play of the Gods and Little War despite the fact that Play of the Gods could backfire and trigger Hime's hyper. Beyond that, the impact as a character is going to greatly depend on which player position the player is assigned and which events are active, paying close attention to when each event will trigger and how it can leverage Hime's hyper to gain more than 10 stars of advantage.  Bonus panels after Lvl 3 give enough stars in average to break even, allowing for Hyper spamming without too much star loss.
  • Another approach to consider is that Hime can leverage her hyper to proactively use cards like  Treasure Thief or  Ambush. While Ambush is probably too costly to plan around, being able to proactively disrupt hands with Treasure Thief is an underappreciated superpower generally reserved for Sweet Breaker.
Playing Against Hime
  • Evasive characters like Suguri are effectively countered by Binding Chains. Try not to be in front of Hime, as it present's her with the opportunity to use her hyper for easy damage.
  • If Hime plays Binding Chains and attacks, respond with a defensive battle card like  Rbits,  Tactical Retreat, or even  Rainbow-Colored Circle in a pinch.  Serious Battle is particularly effective for some characters as it negates the EVD debuff and reduces Hime's ATK.
  • Hime has trouble dealing with characters with high DEF like Fernet or Marc unless their health is very low. Bring plenty of healing cards like  Dinner or  Portable Pudding to deny Hime the opportunity to attack.

Recommended Cards[]

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Counter Cards[]

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