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Event Card
Holy Night.png
Permanent Effect.
Start-of-chapter bonus stars are increased by one.
1 ☆
0 ★
1 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 5
Common Card
"Aha, that's why it's a party night." —Hime

Holy Night is a collectible Event card that can be obtained from the Base Pack.


When used, adds 1 additional star to the start-of-chapter bonus.


  • This effect can stack as many times as Holy Night is used. For example, two Holy Night activations will grant 2 additional stars at the start of the chapter.


Holy Night is a zero-cost event card, with a uniquely permanent star increase effect. While Holy Night's effect might seem very small on paper, an additional star each chapter can make a huge distance in a short amount of time, especially in the late game where a single star can be the difference between achieving norma, or being a single star short. Almost every character on the roster can benefit from the card, as it can be used either toward norma or for bullies to afford expensive battle cards for combat. In particular tank characters such as Fernet and Kyoko and bullied characters like Aru who rely on collecting stars, rather than combat, to win the game, stand to gain the most from the card. Overall, the card can be used in almost any deck, if the player desires, as gaining more stars is more or less never a detriment.

The only real drawback of Holy Night is that it provides stars to all players, including the user's opponents. As a result, certain characters who might prefer wins norma more, such as Kae, or who like prolonging the game, such as Arthur, may be unadvised to bring deck it. Consequently, Star Breaker is perhaps the only character that should never pack this card, as her passive prevents her from collecting star normas. While the stars can help Star Breaker use more expensive battle cards like  Accel Hyper it is not advisable for her to use Holy Night, as it will only put her further behind the other players.