Home Sweeper

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Home Sweeper
Home Sweeper.png
All player homestops will be removed for the rest of the game.
Hyper Info
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Hyper[edit | edit source]

Home Sweeper is a hyper unique to the bosses of Co-Op mode.

This card is always played by the boss during its turn on Chapter 39 or later in Co-Op. It will permanently remove all home markers on the field, preventing players from being able to choose to stop on their homes. It also replaces existing  Home panels on the field with  Neutral panels (which then become  Boss panels due to TerrorTerror
Every 2 turns random panels will turn into PBoss.png Boss panels. On Chapter 40, all panels but PWarp.png Warp and PWarp Move.png Warp Move panels will stay as Boss panels.
). If this card is skipped, the boss will attempt to play it on the following Chapter until successful.