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Homemarks, also known as home markers or homestops, are optional cosmetic items that appear on the player's  Home panel during a match. With this option, the player can change the appearance of the icon. The player can change their homemark's appearance by either select their homemark before a match or setting their default homemark on their player avatar screen.

Upon file creation, the player will automatically receive the default homemark and Presents homemark. All other homemarks must be unlocked either through an event, a specific unlock method, or crates. Many homemarks introduced in events have been added to the mystery bag, while some have remained locked to their original event. It is very common for at least one homemark to be added to the game each event.

List of Homemarks

  • Non Seasonal: The homemark is available to unlock at any time of year (not including the Mystery Bag).
  • Seasonal: The homemark is only available to unlock during certain seasonal events, or from the Mystery Bag.
Homemark Status Mystery Bag Crate 3.png
Default Homemark Icon.pngDefault Homemark Non Seasonal No
Christmas Tree Homemark Icon.pngChristmas Tree Homemark Non Seasonal Yes
Snowman Homemark Icon.pngSnowman Homemark Non Seasonal Yes
Tomomo Homemark Icon.pngTomomo Homemark Non Seasonal Yes
Heart Homemark Icon.pngHeart Homemark Seasonal Yes
Palm Tree Homemark Icon.pngPalm Tree Homemark Seasonal Yes
Witch Hat Homemark Icon.pngWitch Hat Homemark Non Seasonal No
Cauldron Homemark Icon.pngCauldron Homemark Seasonal Yes
Candy Cane Homemark Icon.pngCandy Cane Homemark Seasonal Yes
Chocolate Homemark Icon.pngChocolate Homemark Seasonal No
Lunar New Year Homemark Icon.pngLunar New Year Homemark Seasonal No
Pencil Homemark Icon.pngPencil Homemark Seasonal No
Card Homemark Icon.pngCard Homemark Seasonal No
Surfboard Homemark Icon.pngSurfboard Homemark Non Seasonal No
Parasol Homemark Icon.pngParasol Homemark Non Seasonal No
Popsicle Homemark Icon.pngPopsicle Homemark Non Seasonal No
White Christmas Tree Homemark Icon.pngWhite Christmas Tree Homemark Seasonal No
Snow Castle Homemark Icon.pngSnow Castle Homemark Seasonal No
Presents Homemark Icon.pngPresents Homemark Non Seasonal No
Castle Homemark Icon.pngCastle Homemark Non Seasonal No
Cave Homemark Icon.pngCave Homemark Non Seasonal No
Angel Homemark Icon.pngAngel Homemark Non Seasonal No
Devil Homemark Icon.pngDevil Homemark Non Seasonal No
Drink Table Homemark Icon.pngDrink Table Homemark Seasonal No
Dark Citadel Homemark Icon.pngDark Citadel Homemark Non Seasonal No
Happy Barrel Homemark Icon.pngHappy Barrel Homemark Non Seasonal No
Lamppost Homemark Icon.pngLamppost Homemark Non Seasonal No
Scissors Homemark Icon.pngScissors Homemark Non Seasonal No
Fishing Rod Homemark Icon.pngFishing Rod Homemark Seasonal No
Fishing Trophy Homemark Icon.pngFishing Trophy Homemark Seasonal No
Mushroom Homemark Icon.pngMushroom Homemark Seasonal No
Pizza Homemark Icon.pngPizza Homemark Seasonal No
Christmas Cookie Homemark Icon.pngChristmas Cookie Homemark Seasonal No
Meat Homemark Icon.pngMeat Homemark Seasonal No
Strawberry Homemark Icon.pngStrawberry Homemark Seasonal No
Buoy Homemark Icon.pngBuoy Homemark Seasonal No
Pumpkin Homemark Icon.pngPumpkin Homemark Seasonal No
Flowerpot Homemark Icon.pngFlowerpot Homemark Seasonal No