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Hoshi No Kakera (ホシノカケラ) was composed by DEKU and consists of 13 original tracks making up the soundtrack for Acceleration of SUGURI.

It was released as a CD album and as a digital format in Japan on September 22nd, 2006.[1] On June 30th, 2009, Rockin' Android bundled the CD album alongside Trancenation of Suguri, Suguri, and Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition in SUGURI Perfect Edition and released it in western countries as Stellar Fragment.[2] Eventually, the album saw a release through western outlets though the iTunes Store and Amazon on December 21st, 2016[3][4] and on Steam, coinciding with the Acceleration of SUGURI 2 version 1.8 update, on June 23rd, 2021.[5]

Track List[]

No. Name Preview Length
1 Visitors 1:44
2 Dialogue 0:10
3 Migratory Bird From North 5:11
4 Freedom Sky 3:45
5 Linear Light 2:49
6 Impact! 2:56
7 Dialogue 2 0:17
8 Stratosphere 2:44
9 Solitary as Fear 3:09
10 One (From Rendezvous) 0:30
11 Rendezvous 4:22
12 Light of the EARTH 3:14
13 Bonus Track 1:56
  1. Due to the fact that Hoshi no Kakera is composed of commercial music and not royalty free music, the full duration of each song will not be played on 100% Orange Juice Wiki. Only previews from DEKU's Spotify album will be shown.[6]

PSN release[]

Hoshi no Kakera was also briefly released by Rockin' Android on PlayStation Network as singles for free, to celebrate the release of Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition HD.[7] These could only be downloaded using a PS3 or Sony's Media Go media player. Once downloaded, they are identical to the versions packed with SUGURI Perfect Collection. The singles were available until AoSX HD was delisted from PSN.

Additional Bonus[]

It was announced on June 23rd, 2021 that anyone who purchased Hoshi no Kakera would have additional BGM options to select in their battles in Acceleration of SUGURI 2.[8] Owners of the soundtrack will be able to choose the following tracks before matches:

Additional BGMs for Acceleration of SUGURI 2

  • Freedom Sky
  • Linear Light
  • Impact
  • Stratosphere
  • Rendezvous
  • Migratory Bird from North
  • Solitary as Fear
  • Gray Hued