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This is a list of every Illustrator credited in the game for drawing art.

Unit Cards[]

Illustrator Cards



Yulay Devlet


Co-op Boss Cards[]

Illustrator Cards
Yulay Devlet


Gallery Art[]

Illustrator Title Art
Hono Original Box Art Old100%OJcover.png
Hono New Box Art 100%OJ Cover.jpg
Single Player Campaigns
Hono Kai's ending Kai Campaign Ending.png
Hono QP's ending QP Campaign Ending.png
Hono Suguri's ending Suguri Campaign Ending.png
Hono Marc's ending Marc Campaign Ending.png
Hono Star Breaker's ending Star Breaker Campaign Ending.png
Hono Sweet Breaker's ending Sweet Breaker Campaign Ending.png
Hono Girl Power's ending Girl Power Campaign Ending.png
Hono Crossed Christmases's ending Crossed Christmases Campaign Ending.png
Hono Old Guardians Old Guardians Campaign Ending.png
Hono Wanderers Wanderers Campaign Ending.png
Event Campaigns
hexun School Event's ending School Crashers Art.png
Miyazaki Shiyuri Beach Party's ending Beach Party Art.png
Yusaku Kagawa Halloween 2018 Event's ending Trick and Treat Art.png
Mo Christmas 2018 Event's ending Santa Scramble Ending.png
Coffgirl Beware Pigformation Event's ending Beware Pigformation Ending.png
Rosuuri Minions of the Master's ending Minions of the Master Ending.png
ayamy Summer 2019 Event's ending Summer Games Ending.png
Sunako Halloween 2019 Event's ending Operation Halloween Ending.png
Yusaku Kagawa Master of the Minions's ending Master of the Minions Ending.png
Ogipote Bounty Hunters's ending Bounty Hunters Ending.png
Miko Master Anglers Master Anglers Ending.png
Siumai112 Shroom Zoom Shroom Zoom Ending.png
Sora Christmas 2017 Event's ending Scramble!! for an Xmas Miracle! Ending.png
Tsukino Bounty Hungers Bounty Hungers Ending.png
hexun Valentine's Day 2018 Event's ending Chocolate for the Sweet Gods Ending.png
490 Pool Party's ending Pool Party Ending.png