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Event Card
Indiscriminate Fire Support.png
Effect Duration: Infinite.
A random unit takes 1 damage. At the start of your turn, repeat this effect. The effect ends when a unit suffers KO.
2 ☆
10 ★
3 per Deck
DeckPointsIcon.png 0
Miyazaki Shiyuri
Rare Card
"......" ―Sora

Indiscriminate Fire Support is a 2-star event card that deals 1 damage to a random unit. The effect repeats at the start of the user's turn until a player unit is KOed.

Strategic Info[]

Indiscriminate Fire Support is a great card for characters who want themselves or others to not be at full health. For only 10 stars with a low level requirement, it is an effective tool for spreading damage throughout the match. Offensive characters with decent HP pools like Yuki or Kai can capitalize on players that have been injured by this card by taking them out in combat. Characters that gain advantages from low HP opponents can use this card to whittle down each player without having to fight them. For example, Natsumi's healing passive and hyper  Cooking Time can provide many more stars when all of her opponents are low on health. Kiriko's high HP pool gives her an advantage against her opponents while Indiscriminate Fire Support is active. If she is lucky, it can also prepare multiple people to be KOed with her hyper  Final Surgery. She can even use it to KO herself in a pinch rather than using her hyper.

Alternatively, Indiscriminate Fire Support should be avoided by players looking to keep their HP as high as possible. Characters with very low health pools, like Robo Ball or Peat will quickly find their health depleted if another player is not KOed soon. Defense tanks, like Fernet and Kyoko also need to be careful with this card, as it can pose a threat to their powerful survivability. Nanako fits into both categories, making this card particularly dangerous for her.

Extra Info[]

  • Indiscriminate Fire Support ends when a player suffers a KO from any source, not just the damage from this card.
  • Indiscriminate Fire Support is treated as a stock effect for the user. As such, the effect can only be activated once per user.
  • Using Indiscriminate Fire Support while the player has the stock effect will cause the damage to trigger immediately, but will overwrite the previous stock effect.