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Extended Photon Rifle
Extended Photon Rifle.png
Deal 1 damage to another random unit. If KO'd, gain 1 win. Repeat as many times as your current level.
Hyper Info
level x5 ★
"I'll shoot you all down." ―Iru


Iru's Hyper is Extended Photon Rifle. When used, 1 point of damage will be dealt to a random non-KO'd unit except the player. This effect is performed a number of times equal to the player's level. The player gains 1 Win for every unit KO'd by this effect.


Extended Photon Rifle is a Hyper that gets more powerful the longer the game persists, although its cost also grows along with it. Even so, due to the Hyper's random nature, KOs from full HP are all but impossible against a large portion of the cast, meaning it is best used for KOs only when most opponents are at low HP.

Because of its scaling cost, playing this card when going for Stars Norma becomes less rewarding as the game progressed. However, it can still beneficial in the right scenarios. If an opponent is in front of you, you can play the Hyper to shave their HP down, to potentially have an easier time KOing them in direct combat. Iru's passive can greatly help with this strategy. In addition, the Hyper can be used to discourage opponents from attacking by lowering their HP before they even reach you. However, even these potential ways that the Hyper can benefit the player can be difficult to achieve due to the random targeting, and as such it is an overall fairly unreliable Hyper.