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Iru (イル Iru), is one of the playable characters in 100% Orange Juice!. She was added to the game in DLC 20Iru & Mira Character Pack.jpg alongside Mira. Iru originates from the game SUGURI, in which she is one of the bosses.


  • When challenging an enemy, the enemy takes 1 damage before the battle begins.
    • If the enemy is KO'd from this effect, this counts as a regular battle KO.


  • Bounty Battles count as Iru initiating battle, allowing her to deal 1 damage.


Armed with a powerful photon rifle and spunky personality, Iru is a character with a powerful kit of tools at her disposal. Iru has perfectly neutral stats across the board, featuring an HP stat of 5, and neutral ATK, DEF, EVD, and REC stats. Her most notable aspect is her powerful passive ability, which is slightly similar to both Sherry and Ceoreparque's passives. When instigating a battle, Iru automatically deals a single point of damage at the battle's start and then becomes the defender for the remainder of the battle. Notably, the passive enables Iru to essentially "snipe" characters at 1 HP and receive the rewards of a usual battle victory with zero of the risk or effort. Even when the opponent has more than 1 HP, the effect is still extremely beneficial against low HP opponents as a guaranteed extra point of damage, which can be the difference between a KO or not. The passive's damage can also be used relentlessly against tank characters to chip away at their large HP pool at double the speed. Likewise, boards with the Air RaidAir Raid
Every 5 Chapters, all units will take 1 damage at the beginning of the Chapter.
effect can be very useful in providing a constant flow of low HP opponents for Iru.

Iru has two key disadvantages; the first being that she is "too good" at one particular thing, at the detriment of having no other notable strengths. While Iru is excellent at sniping opponents at 1 HP, this means that her key source of free victories is one that is often sought after by other opponents. Playing against other characters that are good at securing KO's against low-HP opponents can make it difficult for Iru to capitalize on. The second and more obvious weakness is that Iru will almost always attack second, with only a few exceptions, leaving her vulnerable to an attack before she can make her own attack roll.


+Powerful passive ability
+No Hyper reliance
+Benefits from  Reverse Attribute Field
-Unreliable Hyper
-Negative DEF