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Iru can be seen primarily as a tankbuster, utilizing her passive as a way to dish out additional damage to characters with high DEF and/or low EVD like Fernet. Few characters can stifle tanks through repeated combat like Iru can, often damaging them for at least 2 HP each challenge. Her passive can be useful in many applications, however. She is great at sniping characters at 1 HP, guaranteeing KOs if she is able to challenge them on the field, while also being able to 'snipe' characters with 2 HP, albeit with more risk - especially if their EVD is high. Iru can use her Hyper to further weaken her opponents - making them easier to KO with her passive. With neutral ATK, Iru should focus more on star normas. This doesn't mean she is completely inept at pursuing wins, however - quite far from it, as she can easily defeat weaker attackers by constantly putting pressure on them with her passive and rake in even more wins by using her Hyper.


Playing As Iru
  •  Long-Distance Shot allows Iru to lower other players' HP to bring them closer to 1 and allow her to pick them off with her passive.
  •  I'm on Fire! forms an uncanny combination with the aforementioned card, allowing her to boost her offences just enough to make securing 1 HP snipes that much easier, for a mere 5 star cost.  Big Magnum can also serve as a higher risk, but higher reward late-game substitute. Other offensive cards are usually not worth bringing, as they grant more comeback potential to a wider range of cast members.
  •  Serious Battle and  Reverse Attribute Field will not affect Iru's completely neutral statline, allowing her to freely lower the stats of other players and, more importantly, the Boss.
  •  Mimic is a solid choice, as Iru's Hyper is often very weak, not affecting the game that much. Mimic allows Iru to copy hopefully stronger Hypers from other characters. This still has the chance to backfire, as other characters in the game may also want Mimic.
  •  Sealed Guardian and  Forced Revival can be used to set players to 1 HP. However, due to their high cost they are recommended to be used in conjunction with  Play of the Gods, and often not great picks anyway due to their unreliable nature.
  •  President's Privilege can be a niche pick to lower the cost of  Forced Revival and  Sealed Guardian. It also has the added benefit of lowering the cost of Iru's Hyper, as well as battle cards like  Big Magnum, for that turn.
  •  Rbits is a good conservative pick, as it massively ups her survival potential if she is to land on an  Encounter or  Boss panel. Anyone who uses it as a countermeasure against her is forced to take some additional damage, when they could usually just evade her actual attack. However, as her bulk is average at best, it also lets offensive powerhouses like Tomomo fight into her a lot more safely.
  • Iru can bully low EVD characters such as Marc due to their low EVD causing them to be unlikely to evade Iru's attack, meaning most fights will cause 2 damage.
  • Iru can also put pressure on tanks like Kyoko to keep their HP up, as they cannot hit back well and usually will also have low EVD.
Playing Against Iru
  • Healing cards can keep player's HP far from 1 making it harder for Iru to get a free KO from her passive.  Dinner is especially irritating for her in this regard, since it will heal everyone's HP whenever one player uses it.
  • Iru can have trouble KOing high EVD characters such as Sora and will have to rely on her passive more. Consequently, EVD boosts, such as that given by  Rainbow-Colored Circle, can completely deny her a kill, or at the very least delay it enough to allow for some slack in formulating your backup plan.
  •  Serene Hush has a similar effect, either denying Iru opportunities to get damage in, or delaying her snipes for a long enough time to let someone else capitalize.  Here and There is also comparable and easier to spam, albeit a lot less reliable.
  • Though still an avid user of cards, most of Iru's power is baked into her passive. Using card control such as  Gift Exchange is, as a result, less impactful against her.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 I'm on Fire!
 Big Magnum
 Long-Distance Shot
 Serious Battle

 Cloud of Seagulls
 Reverse Attribute Field

 Indiscriminate Fire Support
 Forced Revival
 Play of the Gods
 President's Privilege
 Sealed Guardian

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Saki's Cookie
 Portable Pudding
 Serene Hush

 Accelerating Sky
 Here and There
 Rainbow-Colored Circle