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Islay is blessed with an incredible statline which enable her to employ one of the most powerful strategies in the game: walking around the board and choosing  Bonus panels. Her statline makes her very hard to take fights with, meaning if Islay gets the star lead, she will more than likely keep it. Unlike her counterpart, Sherry, she is unlikely to take very much damage from  Encounter panels due to Islay going first in combat, allowing her to KO the NPC before it is able to hit Islay in return. Failing to get the star lead naturally, Islay is able to utilize cards to attempt to gain the lead; especially her hyper,  Rival. Despite many pros, she has a few flaws. If Islay does not have the lead, she either needs to hope the other players get unlucky such as dying to  Boss, or drawing cards that allow her to gain the lead. The most obvious flaw is her inability to start fights, which makes her sometimes have to rely on cards and doesn't allow her to pick up easy KOs or fight for panels. And finally, cards can sometimes whiff and some cards can take away her fewer opportunities to fight such as  Shield Counter. Despite not being perfect, a godsend of a statline along with a hyper that enables her to fight anyone, anywhere, and time it to her liking is enough to solidify Islay as a very strong threat.


Playing As Islay
  • Like most characters who get great value out of cards, Islay should prioritize  Draw panels early then transition to focusing on  Bonus panels by at latest norma 3; when  Bonus panel gain is at its highest.
  • If Islay is far behind other players, she should consider instead prioritizing  Draw panels as cards are her only way to initiate fights.
  • Islay may not need to use cards in order to win if she has the lead. Think carefully about whether using cards, especially  Rival, is needed to win.
  • Cards that can force fights such as  Assault and  Gentleman's Battle are recommended to allow her to start fights.  Ambush is usually a lesser choice however due to the cost and specific requirements to use as well as taking up deck space for battle cards that allow her to get more value out of fights.
  •  Big Magnum,  I'm on Fire!, and  Final Battle allow Islay to more easily KO players in the few fights she'll be able to get.
  •  Sink or Swim is another good card for Islay as it combos very well with Rival to pick off low HP targets as she will still have 1 ATK to secure kills and gain an extra 25% stars.
  •  President's Privilege helps Islay reduce the cost of cards such as her hyper and battle cards she may use.
Playing Against Islay
  • Card control such as  Gift Exchange and  Flamethrower can cause Islay to lose her cards, which she may need in order to make a comeback.
  • Defensive cards such as  Rbits and  Shield Counter can make Islay starting fights with cards to be very unlikely to end in a KO.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Big Magnum
 Final Battle

 President's Privilege
 Gentleman's Battle
 Sink or Swim
 I'm on Fire!


Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Gift Exchange
 Scrambled Eve
 Tactical Retreat
 Shield Counter

 Present Thief