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  • The 100% OJ Wiki currently only has 1 full-time editor and 2 part time editors. If you want to add your two-cents or help improve the wiki, editors wanted!
  • This months characters of the month, Kae, was chosen, after Fruitbat Discord Tangerine, <Kae/変> SnufferinSnaggleℂℍ𝔸𝕄ℙ requested it for his birthday. A usual poll is planned for next month.
Editing Updates
  • NPC characters are now being split into separate pages from their playable counter parts. Links to either version can be found at the top of the character's info page.
  • Similarly, links to character's alternate Bonus character variants are now at the top of the character's info page as well.

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  Bureaucrat: A Month of Events

Hello, fellow Oranges!

It is with deepest pride that we welcome you to the very first 100% OJ Newsletter we've ever done on the site. It might be a little bumpy, as it is our first, but bare with us if you would. Hopefully in the future if things ever pick up around here, we might even take in fan-fiction and add other user articles! This might be one of many newsletters or it might be the last, who knows? Stay tuned. Now onto the real news.

Now into week 2 of May, 100% OJ is featuring a second character event, after the first surprise one by the developers on May 2nd that ran until May 8th (which featured Kae, Star Breaker, Peat, Kai and Marc). This second event will allow all players to play as Marie Poppo, Marie Poppo (Mixed), Nanako & Tomato & Mimyuu for free. As a result this is a rather exciting time for new players as this truly is a golden opportunity to try some DLC characters and see if your interested!

As for the rest of the month, is there anything special planned? We don't know either, but hopefully with summer right around the corner we will see the return of the fun Summer Event from last year. Only time will tell!

Alte Guide Release
Alte Face.jpg
Alte! For players of Orange Juice's Sora, the shock rod and machine gun wielding wench has finally made it to the wiki. After taking a sudden liking to Alte's play style most recently and asking around the OJ Discord, an extensive guide like the ones for Kiriko and Nath has finally been added to the wiki, to help new players and provide new ideas for current players. It is our hope that this guide provides much more incite than any previous guide on Steam and helps players who can't really figure out how to use the character effectively. Buy the DLC today and remember to time your Self-Destruction!
Simple Multiplayer Tips

Don't do this to your fellow players...unless they ask you to...

Playing online can be wonderful, or it can be terrible depending on the settings. If you decide to lead a lobby there are some courtesies/expectations you should observe when running a lobby.

The first and most important one is of course speed. No matter what, your game speed should always be set to 4, no exceptions. Often when trying to find a lobby, rooms at speed 3 won't be full and the lobby creator won't understand why. Then the moment the room is set to 4, it fills. W H A T A T W I S T ? This because at the end of the day, OJ is fun, but like any game it shouldn't take more time than it needs to. For new players, be aware that more advanced players usually play solo while holding the "Shift" key to boost the games way past 4. In short, they are use to speed, so play with speed. You can adjust this setting at the bottom of the grey menu when you fire up the game as well.

Secondly, new players need to know what the symbols mean next to lobbies. If there is a gear next to the name, a game is currently ongoing; if there is a card, it means the players are picking their cards; and if it is white, it means there is no game in progress. The last option is definitely your best bet.

And thirdly, in layman's terms "Don't be an asshole". For the most part the 100% OJ community is very helpful for most new players and not the least bit hostile toward other players. You will find those select few however, who decide to be unnecessarily mean for no reason. In this case it is advised that you either simply ignore the chat or leave the game, as it can be a bit sad in a silent game. Be kind, ask questions, and have fun in multiplayer.

No More Map Strategies?
Kae Thoughtful.jpg

With the rapid growth of the OJ Wiki and the desire to be the best all around guide, it was early decided that the wiki would take principles from other guides and bring them to one place. However, after some contemplation perhaps some guides aren't worth copying.

Some Boards such as Practice Field have strategy guides beneath their field information. Originally the idea of Board strategies came from the Steam Map Guide We are now think about ditching this information (minus the fact about Player 3 and character synergy portion) for one simple reason. When the player is actually playing the game, no one really seems to think the way the strategy describes. You will move in what ever direction you think is best, which will likely go against the guide and you will also act in however your RNG allows you too. People focus more on what cards are in their hand and what space they land on each turn rather than looking at it in terms of single path they must follow.

And so we've come to the point that we don't think we should keep them. Please help us come to a decision by voting for what you think is the best course of action. If you don't find them helpful, its very likely others won't either.

The Summer Event to Return?

At this time, its too early to say whether the Summer Event will return this year, after its introduction last year in 2017. However, with the continuous return of the Halloween Event and the Christmas Event and the more shocking chocolate covered return of the Valentine's Day Event this year, it's more than likely that the Summer Event will return.

For players who missed it last year, the Summer Event was a seasonal event that began on June 23rd that ran for around a month before ending in late July. Unlike many of the other events, the Summer Event relied almost completely on multiplayer cooperation. After the 10th chapter of a match, a special golden chest would appear on a random panel. As long as at least one player/NPC landed on the chest before the game ended, each player would receive a pair of sunglasses for the character they were using at the time. By opening a golden chest, the community would also participate in a chest countdown with new free rewards being unlocked for every player.

The event saw many new cosmetics with new dice, sunglasses (of course), a new home panel marker, and even introduced both the day and night Treasure Island board. Perhaps the best advantage for participants, however, was that they received the Poppo Mask cosmetic for free, once all golden chests were opened, as opposed to its massive price in the shop today.

Will we see the return of the Summer event this year? Most likely. But will we receive new booty of some kind this year? Perhaps skins of some kind, (probably not swimsuits but we can dream can't we?) or perhaps a new board or dice of some kind.
Summer Face.jpg
At the very least, the newest character's to the cast will likely receive sunglasses. Who knows what will come or if it will come at all. Hopefully we'll get some nice new surprises this summer!

Strange Buff RequestsAn Opinion Piece
Fail Face.png
Steam forums can be the dark underbelly of the Orange Juice Community at times. Passions run high as users bicker what they think ought to be changed and explain why this and that is broken. Yet some of these requests are quite peculiar which is why this wiki came into being with extensive character guides. Today we will examine a rather peculiar one that might baffle mains for Kiriko.

Some users feel Kiriko needs a buff. Yes, that's right, a character with 8HP, -1 def, an excellent Hyper, and a passive drawback needs a buff...to heal herself. This is a rather problematic request, as the passive literally IS Kiriko's entire playstyle in a nutshell. Step 1, get a Hyper; you HAVE to have one; Step 2, Kill yourself. No really. Kiriko's entire strategy revolves around getting around her passive in brilliant ways, which is half the fun. Cards like  Cloud of Seagulls,  Final Surgery, and purposely getting into the path of BomberBomber
Every 2 Chapters, place a visible bomb on a random panel. The bomb will explode within 1 to 4 Chapters, and units within 2 panels in a cross-shaped area of the bomb panel will take damage.
can bring Kiriko down if the player is at risk of dying. Or if the player is ridiculously lucky,  Play of the Gods may activate  Sealed Guardian, and when paired with  Final Surgery will give the player 100 stars!

In short, its kind of hard to ask the devs to fix a character that isn't really broken. Every character must have a weakness, and without Kiriko's passive ability, her HP would quickly become an almost impenetrable barrier.

The Future of the Wiki Grim?
Sad Aru.jpg
At this time, the wiki's future is very uncertain looking forward. There are a grand total of 3 active editors, with the main one being myself, Supersonic Boy. Its sad to say that I firmly believe that when I eventually quit, which I eventually will have to, the wiki will crumble and no longer have update support, besides perhaps version logs and game descriptions, which the others have been kind enough to write for me. However, with a few scattered exceptions, such as Boss character pages, and a little help with images, every character, shop, and event page was created by me.

When I originally found the 100% Orange Juice and brought the wiki back to life, the hope was that others would slowly gather and add to it, and eventually a strong wiki community would grow. However, one year in, it is very clear that this is not the case. While the wiki is no longer a skeleton on the outside, and is now meaty with much data, it is still a corpse at the end of the day. Utterly devoid of life and activity.

It is odd in some ways because the community is very much alive for OJ, discord and steam will tell you that, but it is dead here on the wiki even as the data and wiki appearance improves. To be honest, I had wanted to clean up the very dead Suguri Wiki and even got the administrative rights for it, but alas, this wiki is still far from completion and I dare not work on two.

Perhaps I'm just pessimistic and things will be fine in the end, but they seem grim to me at this point in time. If there are no editors of tomorrow, there is no tomorrow for the wiki. I will continue for as long as its fun and I have time, but those days are slowly disappearing.

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