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  • The 100% OJ Wiki currently only has 1 full-time editor and 3 part time editors. If you want to add your two-cents or help improve the wiki, editors wanted!
  • This months characters of the month is Alte after receiving 12 of the 112 votes. Star Breaker came in a close second with 11 votes.
  • The 100% OJ Wiki would like to make a shout out to Coffgirl and thank her for her amazing OJ artwork that is used quite frequently in these newsletters.
Editing Updates
  • Many of the achievement pages have been revamped, thanks to the hard work of Silvris.
  • After the poll in our last issue, we have decided to keep the Map guides as half of the OJ Community appears to want them.
  • Card pack pages such as Basic Pack have been redone with a new template and better information.

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  Bureaucrat: The Good Old Summer Time

Hello, fellow Oranges!

Welcome back to the second every issue of the 100% OJ Newsletter! (Yes we made it to 2 issues!) This months Newsletter is a bit different from last weeks. Once again we're covering many topics, however, a select few of you may find them controversial this time around. Our intent is not or has ever been to be a cheesy tabloid, thus we simply ask that you read it for what it is and don't think we're trying to make a statement of some kind. We love all ends of our community, and therefore want to hear all of the opinions present. Hopefully you don't find it too bumpy, and we of course hope you enjoy it. We even have our first interview ever! Maybe we'll have more in the future, who knows? And remember, if you write an article that you think is newsletter worthy be sure to let me know at my wall. Also, on a side note, we ask that you please don't answer the poll on left side without reading the article first. As always, stay tuned. Now onto the real news.

Now at the end of week 1 of June, 100% OJ is featuring its first ever School Crashers Event and it's unlike any event before! We are extremely excited to see this new event, and have already updated the wiki's information about the many new things to find and collect! Hurry now before it ends in a month!

Sham Guide Release
Sham Face.png
Sham! For players of Orange Juice's Sora, the burned instructor and friend of Sora has made it to the wiki. After taking time to understand Sham's play style and asking around the OJ Discord, an extensive guide like the ones for Nath and Alte has finally been added to the wiki, to help new players and provide new ideas for current players. It is our hope that this guide provides much more incite than any previous guide on Steam and helps players who can't really figure out how to use the character effectively. Buy the DLC today and remember to use your Delta Field to punish!
Competitive OJ a Possibility?
A Perspective Interview
Competitive OJ, a dream to some, a ridiculous idea to others, but should players have the choice in a game seemingly of chance? Today we interview a staunch supporter of the idea, Ryu Xero, one of the founders of the 100% Orange Juice R&D Discord, a research oriented OJ discord used heavily by the OJ Wiki.

Lets have you tell us a bit about yourself, Ryu.

As you said, I'm one of the founders for the 100% OJ R&D Discord server. I've played 100% OJ since Alte and Kae got released. Oddly enough, I'm ranked around 113 last time I checked. I personally like to see things optimized and usually look at things as more of a puzzle. For the games I play in general, I play racing and fighting games. As of now, I'm clocked in at 1232 hours (in OJ). Of course, my love still remains with racing games.

When was the R&D Discord created?

It actually formed at the beginning of the year. We basically want to get members that also want to discuss OJ in a more serious light, so it was a private server to help us build the foundation for our server to stand on. When we posted about the server on steam; we were ready to invite anyone.

I know you, of course, have a big interest in competitive OJ as you created the server for that purpose. What exactly drew you to want a competitive mode in 100% OJ?

Surprisingly, the group was formed from a shallow idea where we can make a group that is safe to make tier list. We then expanded upon making a competitive scene with it. In the very end, the group ultimately became a server of discovering new things about the game as well as putting in research to get accurate understandings of the game itself. The group then became a community that strives to get better regardless if someone is new the the game that wants to learn from the experienced players and veterans learning new ways to play the game itself.

If you had the chance to design a competitive system for OJ how do you think you would go about it? Would you restrict certain, boards, characters, cards, or field events?

For the competitive scene to thrive, we first must make sure everyone has a fair chance of winning. Banning stages was a relatively simple process for the first iteration since it's known that certain stages aren't symmetrical. We made sure that all the players have the same chance to access their homes. If a stage is not rotary symmetrical, certain players have inherent advantages just by having their home in a certain spot. Pudding Chase is an extreme example where being first as an aggressive character gives you a potential Wins advantage by giving you the ability to KO someone before their turn even started. Split maps are also notorious where the game can drag on. And I'm sure I don't need to explain Farm.
As for effects, it gets really tricky since there's some effects that do have RNG, but don't impact the match or character match-ups in a meaningful way. Banning effects requires a lot of testing to see if it will invalidate skill or cause certain characters to have a large advantage. For example, Random Warp is banned for having an impactful RNG effect that actually invalidates skill. For cards, there's currently no ban because we have no way to track people with banned cards, and the cards themselves are a key part of the game to express the player's game style with their chosen character. And for the characters, they're surprisingly balanced enough where anyone can win with smart play.

As you stated before, the group was founded on the idea of Tier lists. What specific value do you think tier lists have in the community?

As a catch all phrase, the moment you introduce differences on anything, there will be some overall aspects of them that are better than others. With that said, I personally feel that any properly made tier list that is created by the community for the community is great for since it gives an idea on the perception of characters. While we do strive to give an accurate representation of the viability of each of the characters, sometimes new tech or new research shows new potential of the characters and the tier list needs to be changed to reflect the discovery of the characters in question. An good example is NoName where he's a character that is very good at surviving thanks to his passive. His base stats and Hyper further leverage his advantage as well as overcoming his weaknesses.
On the other side of the spectrum, Yuki (Dangerous) is a poorly designed character where her entire kit completely goes against her. She has the stats of an aggressive character, but can't benefit from it effectively due to her enemy panel passive as a drawback. Her trap passive gives her negligible rewards, and her Hyper fails to create an impact or meaningful opportunity to change the game in her favor. Had it not been for her +1 ATK, she'd be the worst character in the game.

As we both know, there are quite a few members of the community who disagree with the prospect of Tier lists and a competitive mode, mainly on the basis that the game's outcome is controlled heavily by RNG. How would you counter this argument?

Even in a game with heavy RNG, the choices you make as well as your preparation with the knowledge you have in the game influences your frequency of winning. A great example of a High Luck, High Skill game is Poker. It's luck because you have to work with the cards you dealt, but it's also skill to figure out what cards your opponents have to give you the winning edge in poker. Another example are Trading Card Games where once again, you draw to see how your game plays out, and it's skill because you put in the time and knowledge of the game to give your deck a high rate of winning, and right now in OJ, we pick out cards and characters to give us the highest chance of winning or at the very least, the highest chance to play your game.

So in short, you would say that OJ is a game of both skill and luck, but the more skill you have, the more likely you are to win, which should show over time, thus making competitive play possible? Like Backgamon for instance.

Correct. Even in most extreme cases.

Perhaps such an idea could be possible! Is there anything else you would like us to know about yourself or your discord group? Or any question you would like to ask me?

I'm curious who is your main in OJ, and what got you to playing OJ in the first place?

Author: Haha, the classic question between most players of OJ. I personally seem to shift my main every few months as new characters pages are made on the wiki. I originally started with Fernet, then switched to Krila, then to Sweet Breaker, then to Nath, and now I mainly use Kiriko and Alte. The road less traveled it would seem; I have a thing for characters with pretty good Hypers and an HP of a minimum of 5 personally.

As for me, I began OJ after seeing a roommate of mine play the game after his friend gave it to him as a gag gift. It reminded me of Command Board from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for some reason, so it seemed like my kind of game. And that's the way its been ever since.

And lets close off with a fun question. What other OJ character would you like to see added to the game? Or do you feel the game has enough?

I'm terrible with picking single characters. A ton of male characters would be great, but then again, the male characters in OJ are powerful.

And our time is up! A big thanks to Ryu Xero for his skoop on competitive OJ, today! Maybe its no infeasible after all? What do you think? Competitive OJ a possibility or not? You decide! Visit their Discord for some of the most unique and advanced OJ information and tournaments!

For the Memes, Son
Spongebob just seems to portray everything doesn't it? Game companies, World War II, the American Wars, the US budget, stores, restaurants, years. You name it. What would anything of value be without memes? Well thanks to the efforts and hard work of one community member, Célja R, we have 100% Orange Juice portrayed by Spongebob too! Check out his Youtube Channel and his Vimeo for tons of fun 100% Kelp Juice memes that are surprisingly accurate and hilarious! Make sure to give him a like and be sure to subscribe for more!
Recommended Cards Lists
Kae Face 2.jpg
After the poll we held last article that determined we should keep the Board Strategies as half of the readers still want them, we would like to ask for another suggestion.

As some of you may know, the wiki features Recommended Cards and Counter Card Lists on some character strategy pages after the Tips section, such as on Nath's strategy page. In truth, these lists are often neglected as they are quite difficult and time consuming to make. So we want to know whether you guys want them or if you even use them? For the amount of time they take, we don't really want to make them, if no one uses them anyway. So tell us, what do you think?

Notable Edits of the Month
Summertime brings Spring School!

We waited for something to come, and now it's here! The latest event from Fruitbat Factory, the School Crashers Event has arrived with brand new cosmetics to collect and a whole new way to play! We at the wiki have already compiled most of the info on the event on out School Crashers Event page including details about each minigame, and the unlock items. As to be expect for a new event, we are still ironing out the kinks in the in the page, but the info we have should be correct as of what we know now.

Kae Face.jpg
We hope you continue to follow along with us as we unlock more of the event and we are deeply excited for the further development of the page.
Wiki Update: The Official Wiki!

Ladies and gentlemen, the 100% OJ Wiki is extremely proud to now declare itself the Official 100% OJ Wiki. After many months of development, Fruitbat Factory has decided to add the wiki onto the game's main menu. We are deeply honored to be placed on the game's main page for all to use, and we hope to keep serving the community to the best of our ability. It has been a very long process to get the wiki to its current state and while it is not yet complete, we hope to continue working on it until it is!

On a more strange note, we would like to also inform the community of an issue. Likely do to the large influx of viewers, which we are extremely grateful for, it seems that the wiki servers are lagging a bit for some reason. If you see an error, it is possible it has already been fixed. If this occurs you have three options. 1st, become a wiki member. For some reason making a wiki account and viewing our pages seems to fix the issues. 2nd, press history and and view the most recent version. And lastly wait it out. We believe the problem will resolve itself with time, but we are continuing to look into it in the meantime.

Thinking Before You Act
Playing Smarter

Just because you could, doesn't mean you should...

It's the third chapter, you draw  Dash!, so why not use it next turn? But why should you use it? Often new players fall into this pitfall, acting impulsively rather than thinking about why, and it is this thought process that generally separates an experienced player from a non-experienced player. Is it worth spending the stars? Are you in any kind of danger? What will your opponent likely do next turn? More often than not, there is little point to using a card that cost stars, if the player is in no danger at all.

Perhaps the most classic example of poor decision making is often seen with  Long-Distance Shot. Countless times, you'll see a new player use it to KO an opponent at 1 HP. With the exceptions of the player being in the lead and far away toward the end of the game, preventing someone else from getting the player's stars, or perhaps having  Forced Revival, this is often a bad decision. Why? Because your opponent loses nothing but time if you KO them this way, and they will revive with full health. Often if a player KO's you this way, its not an "Ah, you KO'd me" its a "Thanks" that you will give, and if the player is using Kiriko its a double thanks- the shield of 8 HP has to be broken down again!

A second scenario often seen is wasting battle cards. Unless your playing as a Bully, battle cards often do not come into play unless you or the opponent have low health. This is simply because, they cost stars, and unless your playing Nath its usually not critical that you use them early on. But there have been times when its chapter 2 and  Rainbow-Colored Circle is used when both players have full HP. What really are the odds that the player is going to be KO'd at full HP? Really, really low, unless your RNG is that bad.

Perhaps the worst thing many new players do is not acting at all. There have been times in multiplayer matches were the first player simply waltzes to victory. No one attacked him, no one tried to stop him in anyway- he collected his stars, went home, and simply used traps and what not to keep everyone else behind. It's okay to be afraid of how the other player will retaliate, but a lack of action is more harmful to your game than anything else. More often than not, the winner of a game is the person who either had the most luck or the most skill. The only way to beat an opponent is to bite the bullet and take risks, but this is why you develop a plan with the cards in your hand. For example, you have three cards. You can use your Hyper to KO the opponent, but your health is low at the time. Then, another opponent attacks to steal the stars you just received, so you use  Shield Counter and on your next turn you use  Dash! to escape the approaching opponents and land on another  Draw panel.

The possibilities for intelligent play are endless! As Saki place traps that aren't your Hyper on the opponents home and likely they'll treat it like it is! Use  Gentleman's Battle with low health and a Hyper as Alte! Use Ceoreparque's Hyper to Norma again or make the leading opponent battle the Boss again! Used the Field Events to KO yourself as Kiriko! Use field events to gain the edge or purposely hurt yourself and use your cards effectively and make combos if possible. Be active! In short, the key to success in OJ is to not waste cards and actually think before you act. The card deck is a pile of ammunition that only works if the player uses the ammo intelligently and doesn't waste stars on plays that will have no impact. RNG will play a role, but your decisions, plans, and actions can shift the tide in your favor.

The Shunned but Excellent

A bone of contention to some of the developers, when a game ascends within its fandom to be loved, a third party of developers and modders inevitability flock to it. As to be expected, there is a dark side to this however. Even a game as carefree and simple as 100% OJ, a board game, still has a host of cheaters to its name. Perhaps you ran into someone in multiplayer at level 1 who magically has 1000 wins, or someone who has the Blue and Red Skin but they are not yet level 100. This is how you know you've found a cheater, and unfortunately they help ruin the game experience through their laziness. As a result, talking about mods is generally not wanted in the forums.

But we're not going to focus on the negatives today. For every ill there is, there is also many positive and cool tools made by third parties that can be extremely helpful. Here are some the best and most helpful tools created by the community for other users to enjoy. Please be aware, however, that the wiki will not be held accountable for lost files say the worst should happen nor is Fruitbat Factory.

1. Save File Renamer

OJ Renamer.jpg

Perhaps one of the most useful third party tools created is the Save File Renamer. We've all made poor choices before, and sometimes they follow us online in the form of bad in-game names. This handy program does exactly what it advertises and fixes that problem. Now you can rename yourself without needing to make a new file every time you have an identity crisis, and it is the fastest and safest way to do it. Just be sure to select you user.dat file.

2. 100% OJ Deck Builder

Deck Builder Program.png

Technically not a mod and therefore not eyed at with criticism, ever wanted to think of new decks without having the game running? Maybe even while you're at work? Maybe you want to share a deck with friends but don't want to go through the trouble of screenshoting it? Well now you can because there's an app for that! Introducing the Deck Builder website. The deck builder simply enables you to construct decks the same way you would in game and then export them to a URL to share with others. It is a great community tool for sharing deck builds!

3. Field and Skin Mods

Field Mod1.jpg

The most controversial of all mods! Want more out of OJ? Perhaps new challenging boards with different mechanics or cool new skins for characters or old skins like Sham's original hair? Then try the community made Map Packs and the exciting character skins designed by the creators of the OJ modding community. Skins can be implemented in seconds (however only u can see them in multiplayer), and custom maps can be played with friends, if both players have the mods installed. We advise asking any questions directly to the creators over at the OJ Modding Discord if you want to install maps or learn more. Maybe someday a map editor itself will be added to the game since the idea already has an audience! Experience the game in a whole new way, today!

Strange Buff Requests 2An Opinion Piece
Fail Face.png
We're back folks, with more requests from the Steam forums. Once again, passions run high as users bicker what they think ought to be changed and explain why this and that is broken. Yet some of these requests are quite peculiar which is why this wiki came into being with extensive character guides. Today we will examine another strange one that might baffle mains for Tomomo.

Some users feel the goddess Tomomo needs a buff. Now just to remind everyone, Tomomo is virtually the final boss of the game, with the most broken stats in single-player mode. In multiplayer she is nerfed to be more fair, however, some would argue she is over nerfed. While this request makes a bit more sense than the Kiriko request, it still is problematic when analyzed. Tomomo has +2 Atk base with no other drawbacks beside slightly below average health and a 6 recovery. She is arguably slightly worse than Yuki, but is being slightly worse than one of the best Bullies in the game that bad? Many of Tomomo's weaknesses can easily be fixed with cards and smart play.  Extend can easily counter her rec stat, and as for her health, once again, the player needs to strike at the right time. Sometimes the risk of engaging in combat just isn't worth it, and the player shouldn't just focus on 14 Wins when using Tomomo. As for her lackluster Hyper, it can help at the right time and when used with  President's Privilege. Or if the player doesn't want it period,  Mimic can easily give the player a better Hyper.

The main problem with Tomomo buff requests is that most ideas would render Star Breaker useless, as Tomomo would become virtually better in some way. If her HP were increased she would become better than Yuki and Star Breaker, if her attack was increased, she would be broken, and her EVD or DEF would likely not be increased with out an ATK reduction as most high ATK characters have below average stats. +2 ATK is a coveted stat, thus all characters that have it have some severe stat or effect imbalance. In short, Tomomo current build just works. Does it have faults, yes, but are they easy to work around with the right cards, yes.

Cat Attacks Dog in Freak Accident

Authorities are currently searching for the infamous Yuki, leader of the notorious Waruda gang, for opening fire on an unsuspecting dog girl at a farm at 11:50pm Tuesday night. Yuki is currently wanted in every state and 2 alternate realities for extortion, distortions, desertions, commotions, explosions, tax evasion, and loitering. Authorities currently believe the girl was attacked for the stars in her piggy bank. While unconfirmed, police believe the girl was looking for pudding at the time of the attack and the weapon used to assault her, a big magnum, was found discarded near the scene.

When pressed for further details regarding how the girl was knocked out, authorities at the scene of the crime said the girl attempted a tactical retreat but failed and were quoted as saying, "She rolled a two." While we still don't know much, authorities are calling the event a tragedy in the dead of the night and are currently looking for any information regarding the suspect. If you have any information please contact the authorities.

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