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  • The 100% OJ Wiki currently only has 1 full-time editor and 3 part-time editors. If you want to add your two-cents or help improve the wiki, editors wanted!
  • This month's character of the month is QP after it was chosen randomly since the previous poll was vandalized.
  • The 100% OJ Wiki would like to make a shout out to all the artists used in this newsletter.
Editing Updates
  • Many of our original templates have been reconstructed internally. Thus it would appear we have done less work then we have.
  • A wonderful new wordmark was created for the wiki. We intend to keep it moving forward.
  • Our new front page feature more links than ever before!

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  Bureaucrat: The Big Events Cometh...

Hello, fellow Oranges!

Happy fall, and welcome back to the third every issue of the 100% OJ Newsletter! This month's Newsletter is a bit different from the previous. The format is the same, however, there is no poll for users except for the last one and the very last article is more serious than usual. As per usual, we're once again covering many topics and new developments within the community to hopefully spark your interest in some way. If not, well...we tried. Not many people read this anyway- it's not exactly the New York Times. And remember, if you write an article that you think is newsletter worthy be sure to let me know at my wall.

Now at the beginning of week 1 of October, 100% OJ is likely going to be soon coming upon its next Halloween event. We also know for a fact that a DLC of some kind is likely just around the corner but when or what it will be will remain a mystery. Until then we can only speculate but if Fruitbat keeps to their plan, perhaps a voice pack is closer than you think. But moving on from that, Halloween. When will it get here? Is it right around the bend, or is it basically in November like last year? We will no real soon hopefully.

Around the Wiki
Saki News.jpg
So first and for most, the wiki is pleased to announce that we added a Saki page to the wiki around a month ago. It is the first character page we have done in a while, and thus we are very happy to have it. As a result, we hope you check it out and tell us what you think. In other news, as those of you that visit the wiki likely know, we have slowly started to add all the cosmetics for characters with a new tab on their pages. Some you may wonder why we are doing this first, rather than character content, but this is all part of the plan for the new accessory page that has yet to be completed. We are very happy to see those of you who love it on the main page poll.

Other things that many of you will likely never see, is the revamped template pages that now make it easier than ever for new editors. Not only do we have documentation, but we have also added special Preload templates to make it easier to add pages in the future. This will fly over the heads of most readers, but we are proud of this addition as it represents a step in the right direction for the future of the wiki. Once we get all the cosmetics up, ideally the accessory page will finally go up, the new accessory “pages” will go up, and from there we are not sure. The event pages themselves are set to be rebuilt as well, to something simpler but also more effective, as they are rather messy and a select few of you found the summer event page extremely unhelpful for some reason. We also have yet to add all of the board pages and we still need more card page descriptions.

Yes, You Really Are That Bad
Stats News.png
Ever wondered what how many times you have won with this or that character? What your overall victory ratio is? Well, now u can! Thanks to the hard work of discord user Gabe Iggy, we now have a special steam program that can tell you exactly that, which can be found here. Just make sure to edit your steam profile settings by going to the second tab and setting your game data to public. Now if you do decide to give the site a try, a word of caution. Before you panic that you are terrible at the game, don’t worry the average user gets around 24-28% percent victory rate, with 34-40% percent being outliers. Like always we advise you only use this tool for the fun of it. This is not a first-person shooter with a K/D ratio, and there is no achievement for having a high victory percent, and if you do, you probably raged quit many times to keep it that way. Bottom line, check it out for curiosities sake and have fun with it. If its terrible don’t worry…so is everyone else’s after all.
Talent, Coffee, & Orange Juice
Coffgirl News.png
Within the Orange Juice community, there are many great artists who create the magnificent images seen both within and outside the actual game. Perhaps one of the most notable and well recognized within the OJ discord community, and community at large (with the exception of Hono of course) is Coffgirl. Coffgirl is an artist from Thailand with a very recognizable style, who has produced hundreds of pieces of OJ related art, including almost all of the Nath art on the internet. How many OJ related artworks you might wonder? Try over 340 pieces, and it is likely 400+ at this point. With her fine talents, Coffgirl has been recognized by Fruitbat Factory for her gift and has been lucky enough to have her art featured on two different cards in-game:  Price of Power and  Guardian of Blooming Flowers and her art was even featured on the steam news announcement for the Christmas event some years ago. It is fair to say that Coffgirl’s contributions to the Orange Juice community have been tremendous and we can only hope she keeps on doing what she’s doing because it is truly wonderful. Make sure to check out her work on deviantart and twitter!
Strange Buff Requests 3An Opinion Piece
Fail Face.png
We're back folks, with more requests from the Steam forums. Once again, passions run high as users bicker what they think ought to be changed and explain why this and that is broken. Yet some of these requests are quite peculiar which is why this wiki came into being with extensive character guides. Today we will examine another strange one that might baffle many. A buff request for the card  Rainbow-Colored Circle.

This honestly quite an odd and unusual request in and of itself as rather than a character, it is a complaint about a card. So let's dive in. Rainbow colored circle is often seen as the evaders best friend, sacrificing 1 point of defense for 2 additional points of evasion. So from the get-go, like many cards Rainbow-Colored Circle features a trade-off: a point of protection, or 2 points for a full dodge. This can make the card particularly tricky to use as it may save the players life or crash and burn hard if the player rolls poorly. Not even the person requesting the buff know how they would change the card, and honestly, there isn't really a way.

The card is risky, that is the nature of evasion. As a result, whether this trade-off is worth it is really up to the player's circumstances. The card should not be expected to save the player from 8. Generally, the card is most useful when you're down to 1 HP, when you're facing a -1 Atk opponent and don't expect them to roll high, or if you are using a high evasion character. Like evasion characters, its a high risk, high reward card. You could use  Rbits, an almost identical card just for defense, and take some damage, or use  Rainbow-Colored Circle to try an avoid all damage. For a more specific you, Kae can get an extra point of attack and benefit from the evasion boost. End of the day, the card is not great, but it gets the job done, it's low level, and it's as cheap dirt. There really is little else that can be said.

Notable Edits of the Month
  • Navigation redone...again
  • Main page completely redone
  • All cosmetic/shop related pages overhauled
  • Saki page redone.
  • Soundtrack page has been added.
  • Multiple Strategy Pages fitted with new templates
  • New Preload templates added to editing for ease of use
  • Icons added to template pages- will be added to other pages
  • Campaign stories are currently in the works
  • New Stars & Oranges Page added to guide
  • Steam Achievements refurbished...again.
  • Beach Party Event added.
Halloween around the Bend?

It's been 1 year since the last Halloween event, which gave us a myriad of new costumes for the 2017 holiday. Now we wait for the arrival of the 2018 event. But so much has changed since last year it is anyone’s guess what Fruitbat Factory will cook up this year. Ever since the arrival of the Waruda Christmas event in 2017, each event has featured its very own intricate campaign along with new items and even entirely new game mechanics. As such, it is very likely we will receive a campaign this year. Perhaps the characters will go trick-or-treating or have an encounter with a pudding monster? Perhaps some bloodsucking poppos? Maybe some ghost busting? The sky is the limit really for Fruitbat…Well, whatever they have time to code for that is. One thing is for sure, however. There will most definitely be a campaign of some kind. We likely will get some new items, a dice or two and a homemark, and likely some cosmetics for the characters that were added this year. Oh, and some candy too. And who knows, perhaps we will get a whole new batch of 2018 costumes this year. For all we know, we might get a new board, new field event, or something wild like co-op. Time will only tell. The OJ Wiki wishes you a very haunted holiday in advance, and we will try to keep up as best

SB News.png
we can when the event arrives. Likely with a post on our discord and in the steam discussion, if we have the time.

Plushies on Their Way
Sham News.gif
At long last the plushies ordered by fans of OJ are on there way from Fruitbat Factory to the doorstep. At this time, only Poppo and Suguri have been shipped, however, some users have not received Suguri yet. While we do not know much, we believe QP, Sora, and Hime will likely be the next character shipped as both were present at the Fruitbat booth at the Tokyo gameshow. For those who do not know about the plushies at all, this was a special Kickstarter by Fruitbat Factory held some time ago. While the plushies are presumably unorderable at this time, it is more than likely they might one day return as the project garnered an 817% funding, utterly crushing it desired goal of $13,000 and achieving every single stretch goal along the way.

For those of you who already have a plushie, here is something you will never unsee. You can be proud to say you have the original plushies if more are ever made because the card for the character, at its very bottom has “copyright” spelled incorrectly. “All part of the plan,” says Phlebuster. Woooops. Anyway, we look forward to the arrival of the plushies and hope for more in the future.

Psycho Seagulls Attack Beachgoers

Authorities are currently looking for clues on a strange case of a Kaiju-sized seagull attacking a small island off the coast of the unnamed nation where the unnamed army fought the unnamed army during the unnamed war which nearly ended the world. Authorities say a smol troublemaker was eating a hot dog when she was approached by a big seagull which then proceeded to eat her hotdog, tried to assault her with an invasion of seagulls and made her roll ones…lots and lots of ones.

Fortunately, there was a lifeguard on the white beach that with the help of some friends fought the little war and repelled the cloud of seagulls. While we still don't know much, authorities have concluded that a bird in the sand is worth two in the ambush. They are currently looking for any information regarding the incident. If you have any information please contact the authorities.

Shining on the Outside, Breaking on the Insideby Supersonic Boy
Sad Nath.jpg
I had said in the first OJ newsletter that prospects for the wiki were grim long-term, and slowly but surely, as I assured, it is coming to pass. In the previous month I have chosen to make numerous changes in my life to essentially “grow up”. For too long I have taken a backseat in my own life and I simply cannot anymore. As a result, I have greatly restricted my time online with chrome extensions. At my peak of wiki, I spent near 6-12 hrs on the OJ wiki in a single day, time that should have been spent on school or my future. I now only have 1 hr to do wiki activity, check discord, and view youtube- I also have deleted steam in its entirety from my system meaning I haven’t played OJ in some time.

So what does this mean for the wiki? Things will likely proceed at a very slow pace, and I will add content in the short window of time I have, but the days of spending a day on wiki and dawdling for hours are over. There really is no pay off for me to pump tons of my time into the wiki- no gain. While appreciation by many of you is awesome, and always will be, it doesn’t work toward my future. You can’t put it on a resume, and it doesn’t pay bills. I still only have around 3 editors with myself being the most active. Originally, I hoped people from the 5 OJ discord would come (3000+ people), but only 2 came, I hoped for people from steam to come, but none came, I hoped for random wiki editors to join, but again none came. Three-four men cannot run a wiki, that’s the simple truth- not at the caliber I have opted for. I have put all my effort in to make the wiki look fantastic and handle amazingly with easy navigation, but there is just too much to do and there is no one to do it. I cannot keep doing 90% of it.

It seems the community will continue to love steam forum guides more, and will continue to contribute there, rather than here. I have met so many people who proudly tell me they are going to write a guide. That’s great…why not write it here on the wiki instead of telling me? If we combined our efforts we could make something great. Heck some guides even borrow from the wiki’s mechanics guide. In short, things will proceed, but its only a matter of time before I kick it to the curb as the time constraints make me less inclined to do it. One thing is certain though: The help is not coming and I cannot force anyone to help. If the interest isn’t there, there is nothing that can be done.

Our Second newsletter some months ago was quite a success, thanks to your support! Just look at these reviews:
"Thinking Before You Act Playing Smarter was a nice write-up" - PhleBuster
"That was a real nice read. I appreciate the effort put into the newsletter and the wiki in general" - Célja
"#Relatable" - mage.goo
"Oh that was a nice reading, happy that your hard work is recognized by the devs, it was funny too" - Levaentin
"Popo popopppo poppo Poppopo Popopo!" - Poppo
"A moose bit my sister" - Newsletter Author
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