Playing As Kai
Playing Against Kai
  • As Kai's main strength is his extra attack, cards that protect the user such as Shieldicon.png  Shield and Shield Countericon.png  Shield Counter are effective against him.

Counter Cards

Recommended Viable

Shieldicon.png  Shield
Tactical Retreaticon.png  Tactical Retreat
Shield Countericon.png  Shield Counter

Flip Outicon.png  Flip Out
Mimicicon.png  Mimic
Rbitsicon.png  Rbits
Reverse Attribute Fieldicon.png  Reverse Attribute Field
Serious Battleicon.png  Serious Battle
Poppoformationicon.png  Poppoformation
We Are Warudaicon.png  We Are Waruda
Lucky Sevensicon.png  Lucky Sevens

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