Cast Off
Stock Effect
Swap unit's base ATK and DEF. Lasts until KO, or Cast Off is used again.
Hyper Info
10 ★
"This calls for a good distraction..." ―Kyousuke


Kyousuke's Hyper is Cast Off. When used, the player's base ATK stat will be swapped with their base DEF stat. This effect lasts until the player is KO'd. In addition, if Cast Off is used while it is already in effect, the effect will end.

If the player is Kyousuke, his sprite will be changed to use his second set of poses (7/8/9/10/11/12). The pose changes will last for the duration of Cast Off.


Cast Off gives Kyousuke the ability to play as two different characters at once: A passive version that defends against attacks as well as Fernet, and an aggressive version that lets him attack opponents as well as Yuki and Tomomo. The key to making the most of this Hyper is to switch according to the situation, usually when you must make a comeback and other options are less likely to work. Kyousuke may also be able to get value out of an early hyper use to abuse field events such as Air Raid and Battlefield. Keep in mind if you die while under the effect of Cast Officon.png  Cast Off you will return to his base stats on revival and have a hard time getting your stars back from the player unless you have another hyper.

There are few characters who gain from Cast Off, as many characters have the same ATK and DEF, or swapping their stats is only valuable in specific scenarios. Characters with higher ATK than DEF may use Cast Off while in the lead in order to better secure it, or other tanks may want to use it in order to similarly attempt to take the lead back.

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