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When playing Kyousuke, you play him first and foremost as a tank, saving  Cast Off for opportune moments. Kyousuke should aim to gather as many stars as possible. Kyousuke should ideally have at least some healing in hand such as  Pudding; however,  Bonus panels should generally be prioritzed higher than  Draw panels in order to gain a star lead. Due to his +2 DEF and high HP stat, Kyousuke can take  Boss panels relatively safely if healthy, sometimes even being wise to choose  Boss if it means avoiding a  Drop panel. If Kyousuke is in dire need of a comeback or a good opportunity arises, he can use  Cast Off in order to KO enemy units. However, the lowered DEF stat means Kyousuke is more prone to dying and having to make a comeback again, which may be difficult without another hyper due to reviving back in tank form.


Playing As Kyousuke
  • Healing cards such as  Dinner,  Pudding, and  Saki's Cookie can help Kyousuke survive longer and generally benefit him more than other characters, as his +2 DEF make his HP more valuable than characters with lower DEF.
  • As Kyousuke is not card reliant,  Gift Exchange and  Scrambled Eve can be used in order to blunt characters who rely on cards, especially ones that may use cards to gain a star lead over you such as Marie Poppo.
  •  Pet Snacks is a very cheap event card that makes  Encounter NPCs more threatening, which Kyousuke will often not mind due to a high DEF stat. However, it may hinder Kyousuke under the effect of  Cast Off and generally doesn't harm the other players that much.
  •  Play of the Gods can draw helpful event cards such as  Gift Exchange and  Dinner
  •  Oh My Friend can summon the  Boss which other players are more likely to die to, however it's recommended you attempt to use it though  Play of the Gods due to the high cost.
  • It's recommended to hold off on using  Cast Off unless you feel it's needed to make a comeback, or there's a clear reason, such as the BattlefieldBattlefield
    Every 6 Chapters, all PBonus.png Bonus and PDrop.png Drop panels will become PEncounter.png Encounter panels. This effect lasts for 3 Chapters.
    field event.
Playing Against Kyousuke
  • High EVD characters such as Sora are able to fight Kyousuke for relatively low risk; however, they are unlikely to deal more than 1 damage if fighting his tank form and still may lose a large amount of HP if they roll unluckily.
  •  Dark Side of Business can bypass Kyousuke's DEF and directly take his stars.
  •  Heat 300% and  Poppoformation are also able to bypass Kyousuke's high DEF in order to do increased damage.

Recommended Cards[]

Standard Recommended Viable

 Saki's Cookie

 Gift Exchange
 Scrambled Eve
 Portable Pudding

 Play of the Gods
 Oh My Friend
 Pet Snacks

Counter Cards[]

Recommended Viable

 Dark Side of Business

 Heat 300%