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Lingering Effects.jpg Lingering Effects
The formula might need a little more work... (DLC 11)

Lingering Effects is a Steam achievement in 100% Orange Juice. It is one of 6 achievements included within DLC 11.


  • Reduce Kiriko's max hp to the absolute limit of 2 by using at least 6 battle cards across various battles, and then proceed to win the match.


  • This is near impossible in a multiplayer environment and not practical to attempt regardless, given Kiriko's inherent weaknesses. Thus, given the CPU's lack of prioritization skills, rigging it in single player is more advisable, especially in some campaign levels on lower difficulty.
  • There is not much to be said for this but pack lots of low norma battle cards like  I'm on Fire!,  Rbits, or  Rainbow-Colored Circle, and spend most of the early to midgame battling to whittle down your max hp. Once at or fairly close to the minimum, spend the remainder of the match religiously avoiding combat to protect your star cache, or, if you managed to get a good wins-streak going, farm out the remainder of wins on battle tiles, then aim for homes. If you're at all familiar with Kae's playstyle, gunning for this achievement is quite similar, except without the hp drawback. With some luck, and conservative hyper use, it is definitely doable, but it can take a few tries if you're new to the character.

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